Coban in Guatemala

Once upon a time, Coban was little more than an overnight halt for passing travelers headed to the surrounding plantations, picturesque Mayan villages, and other highland destinations. Although it continues to serve as an excellent base for day trips and excursions, over the years the city has transformed into a vibrant destination in its own right. The city has much to offer by way of its Spanish colonial architecture, splendidly reflected by the grand Santo Domingo Cathedral. A trip to the El Calvario Temple perched on top of a hill offers magnificent panoramic views of the city of Coban and its surrounding countryside spread out beneath. The Las Victorias National Park with its myriad easy foot trails is a lightly forested area that offers pleasant hikes. Tranquil walks through the fragrant cardamom and coffee plantations in the outskirts of town are wonderful experiences. Trendy cafés and restaurants have delicious coffee brews on their menu, sourced straight from local plantations!


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Picturesque Mayan villages
  • Spanish Colonial Architecture
  • Las Victorias National Park
  • Cardamom and Coffee


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