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Cuisine in Guatemala

Cuisine in Guatemala

What can you expect from the cuisine in Guatemala? Our experts have some tips to share with you.

With touches of Mayan and Spanish influence, Guatemalan food is hearty fare with lots of vegetables, thick stews, sharp colorful flavors and textures, and a cuisine that is quite familiar to anyone who has tried Spanish or Caribbean food before.

Guatemalans enjoy a good solid breakfast or brunch. Wherever you are, ask around for the desayuno tradicional. This is their version of a fry and is comprised of thick homemade sausages, eggs, onion and tomato, plantains, beans and possibly some avocado slices.

Most Guatemalan cuisine has a heavy Mayan influence so beautiful spicy local chilies, black beans and maize are staples with almost every meal. In the charming city of Chichicastenango, you can expect hearty tomato-based stews topped up with various meats and freshly picked herbs.

Excellent / 4.9 out of 5

Cuisine in Guatemala – What to eat

One of the great comfort foods of Guatemala is called kak’ik. In what could be a contender for their national dish, kak’ik is perhaps one of the more unique dishes with turkey as its main ingredient. This is boiled with a mix of herbs and roasted vegetables that have been pureed. This mix is transferred to the oven to cook further. Simple and delicious.

Found everywhere, street food is another staple of Guatemalan life and often offers the perfect combination of Mayan and Spanish influence. Expect tostadas (there’s even a noodle variation), tamales, delicious fried plantain and lashings of freshly made guacamole.

Without doubt the food that has traveled most outside Guatemala are pupusas. These are can be found in almost any restaurant or at food stall on the street. These thick corn tortillas are usually packed with ham, cheese, pork, re-fried beans, and fried until crispy. Perfect food for those on the go.

Enchanting Travels Guatemala Tour Traditional Coffee Grinding

Coffee and Chocolate in Guatemala

This country is also home to cardamom and coffee plantations where the sights and smells of real Guatemala come alive. Guided tours are common and not only can you smell the intoxicating aromas in the air but you can taste the sharp coffee product right there from crop to cup.

The chocolate in Guatemala is world-renowned and rightfully so. It is jam-packed with flavor and its purity means it has a deeply aromatic smell to it. So how do the locals do it? They mix it with a bit of boiled water and stir in some cinnamon. Due to its richness, you’ll never even need milk!

Explore the richness of Guatemalan cuisine on your private tour with our experts. We share the best restaurant tips and reserve a table for you too!

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