Discover inner peace and true tranquility on your tailor-made Japan tour. Linger in famous Buddhist Zen temples, meander in quaint alleyways of tranquil towns, be charmed by the cherry blossoms of Tokyo, and explore the distinctive cultural legacy of historical destinations such as Kyoto, Kōyasan and Osaka. Abundantly tempered with opportunities to meditate, relax and soak in unique sights and sounds at leisure, this tour of Japan will nurture and rejuvenate your body and soul.


Itinerary Summary

DayPlaceHighlightsHotel Options
1 - 5TokyoImperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, River cruise to AsakusaHotel Gracery Shinjuku, Park Hotel Tokyo
5 - 7HakoneView of Mt Fuji volcano, enjoy the views from a pirate ship, Natural hot springs and Onsen, Ropeway over Volcanic plains, overlooking the sulphuric fumesHakone Kowakien Tenyu
7 - 10KyotoFushimi Inari Shrine, Buddha statue of Nara, Geisha district, Day trip to Uji tea plantationsKyoto Tokyu Hotel, Granvia Kyoto
10 - 11KōyasanUNESCO World Heritage site Mount Koya, Graves in Okunoin Cemetery,  Zen Buddhist MeditationMt. Koya Sojiin Shukubo
11 - 13OsakaThe grand Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building, Gourmet Street Food TourHotel Granvia Osaka, Hilton Osaka
13 - 13TokyoImperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, River cruise to Asakusa

Ideal For

  • Heritage
  • Landscape
  • Relaxation
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Itinerary Details

Day 1 - 5

International Arrival

Shared Transfer from Narita Airport to Tokyo Hotel


4 Days

Tokyo is a city like no other! Defined by cutting-edge design, quirky creativity and its own unique ancient culture, the city defines the best of both worlds.

Included Activities

Highlights Of Tokyo
Discover one of the fascinating global cities of our times on this day tour, accompanied by your local guide. Start off with a visit to Meiji Shrine, dedicated to the spirit of Emperor Meiji and a popular place for traditional ceremonies. From your spiritual plane, you can now return to the material world with a stroll down the elegant tree-lined avenue of Omotesando – Tokyo’s shopping district. This is the city’s fashion equivalent to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris! Having had your fill of global fashion, you can cut across town to soak in the old-world atmosphere of Asakusa. Walk down to Tokyo’s oldest temple, Sensoji, before losing yourself in the delightful shopping street of Nakamise. Shop for souvenirs and sample traditional refreshments. Wind up your day with a peaceful boat ride along the lovely Sumida River, passing under a dozen bridges to reach Hamarikyu Garden. This is an anachronistic little oasis of tranquillity fringed by towering skyscrapers. Sip on steaming matcha at a genteel Japanese tea house, as you contemplate the beauty all around. (Full Day; Please wear comfortable shoes).

Nikko World Heritage Excursion
A two-hour train journey from Tokyo brings you to Nikko National Park where you will visit the Toshogu Shrine complex. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Toshogu Shrine was originally built as a mausoleum for the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate which held sway over Japan for more than 250 years! Thronged by local pilgrims and foreign visitors alike, this lavish complex boasts several Buddhist and Shinto structures set amid a lush green forest. This is the ideal opportunity to embrace the history of Toshogu as the local guides share colorful tales. Continue on to Tamozawa Imperial Villa, which is a national cultural treasure and spans architectural styles across three periods of Japanese history – Edo, Meiji and Taisho. Your excursion concludes with a visit to a beautiful botanical garden. (Full Day; Travel time to Activity: 1.5 hrs each way; Activity Duration: 7 hrs; Fitness level: Moderate; Please note that Tamozawa Villa is closed on Tuesdays; Please wear comfortable walking shoes.)

Kamakura Excursion From Tokyo
A one hour train ride away from Tokyo, the historical city of Kamakura exudes a distinct charm. Steeped in remnants of the past, this prominent resort town is frequented by local and foreign visitors alike. Several Buddhist Zen temples and Shinto shrines dot the entire town. Your full day Kamakura trip covers some of the most iconic temples in Japan, such as Kotokuin Temple, Hasedera Temple and the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine, among many others. Known as the ‘Kyoto of Eastern Japan’, Kamakura’s white sandy beaches are especially inviting in the summer months. Make your trip especially memorable by shopping for mementos in the local market, and sampling eclectic food served up by street vendors. (Full day; Duration: 8 hours; Includes 1 hr return train ride; Please wear comfortable walking shoes)

Hotel Options
RoomStandard Twin Room
Park Hotel Tokyo – Opt 2
RoomCity Room - City View
Day 5 - 7

Private Transfer from Hotel to Train Station

Shinkansen Train from Tokyo to Odawara Hakone (30 Mins)

Private Transfer from Train Station to Hotel


2 Days

Hakone defines the iconic image of Japan— with the majestic backdrop of Mount Fujiyama as it rises out of coniferous forest covered mountainsides, lakes and hot springs (onsen).

Included Activities

Visit To Mount Fuji National Park
Take a trip to Mount Fuji National Park for Japan’s most iconic destination. Choose from any of the numerous transport options to reach Mount Owakudani for the most breathtaking view of this majestic volcanic mountain peak. You could ride the world’s second longest cable car, passing over hot springs and simmering rivers of volcanic landscapes. As per local beliefs—you could add seven years to your life by eating Hakone’s famous hard boiled, smoked eggs that are cooked over the hot vapours! Take the Hakone Tozan ‘switchback train’ that winds its way through the mountains, offering amazing views of the surrounding highland valleys. Or better still, ride a splendid replica of a pirate ship that will sweep you across the 3,000 year old, volcanic Lake Ashinoko, right up to the sacred Hakone shrine. You may also wish to visit one of Hakone’s public Yunessun or hot spa facilities. (Half Day, Fitness Level: Easy; Please bring warm clothing).

Onsen: Japanese Hot Spring Baths
When in Japan, you can hardly miss out on experiencing the traditional, hot spring water baths with their healing properties. Enjoy the complementary facility of taking an Onsen soak in your own private outdoor tub of natural hot spring waters. Feel all your stress melt away from your tired muscles. Make the best use of all the other traditional hot tub options available at the property, each bathtub with its own particular temperature and mineral combination. A sumptuous dinner, followed right after by a hot soak comes highly recommend by your hosts. As per tradition, these other hot tubs are gender-segregated, shared bath facilities.

Hotel Options
RoomWestern Room
Day 7 - 10

Private Transfer from Hotel to Train Station

Shinkansen Train from Odawara Hakone to Kyoto (1.45 hrs)

Private Transfer from Train Station to Hotel


3 Days

Kyoto is to be seen to be believed. With no less than 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the city encapsulates traditional Japanese culture and tradition.

Included Activities

Highlights Of Kyoto
Revel in the traditional sights, smells and sounds of feudal Japan’s best preserved city, in the company of your local guide. Visit the many UNESCO World Heritage sites dotting Kyoto, beginning with the Kinkakuji Temple, originally built for the Shogun. At his request, the Shogun’s villa was converted into a Buddhist Temple after his death. Discover the magnificent 15th century Nijo Castle with its splendidly preserved medieval gardens from Japan’s Edo period. Admire the many details and typical architectural features of the old monument, before walking down to the bustling Nishiki Market. Eat your heart out at this food street, also known as ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’, lined with innumerable restaurants and traditional eating houses! Try out typical local delicacies such as pickles, dried fish and sushi. (Full Day; Private activity & Public transport; Duration: 8 hrs. Please wear comfortable walking shoes).

Kyoto Fushimi & Sake Brewery Excursion
Head by train or car to Fushimi, located in th suburbs of Kyoto, with a local guide. Fushimi is alive with historical charm. Visit the spectacular Fushimi Inari Shrine, which is renowned due to its 10,000 red Tori Gates that line a path up a winding trail to a mountaintop temple, and was featured in the noteworthy movie, ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. All that walking will allow you to fully appreciate a visit to a traditional sake brewery. Learn about the finer points of crafting Japan’s national drink as you tour the brewery with an expert. Sample an entire selection of five types of sake! We highly recommend you eat before the sake tasting. If you wish, you can purchase your own sake at the brewery store so that you have a liquid memento of your Japan adventure! (Half Day, Time of the day: Morning/Afternoon; Duration: 4 hrs; Private activity; Public transfers; Travel Time: Travel time: 15 minutes from Kyoto; Shared activity in group of max. 7 people. Sake tasting only permitted for those aged 20 years and above; Fitness Level: Moderate; Please wear comfortable shoes)

Calligraphy Class At Local Master’s House
Learn the fascinating art of calligraphy with a local master. Discover the journey of the beautiful Kanji—or traditional Chinese script—from ancient China to Japan. Learn all about the three parallel Japanese scripts of Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana from your master who will gently guide you and explain the cultural significance of this artform, before you try your hand at this ancient art for yourself. Attempt a few tentative brush strokes under the master’s expert supervision, and learn the secrets of how to hold the calligraphy brush in the proper manner. Finally, find the confidence within to draw out bold lines, before you carry your best work back home! (Duration: 1.5hrs; All materials provided; Some traditional houses have steep, narrow stairs)

Excursion To Nara
One of Japan’s most rewarding destinations, consider Nara for a half day trip from Kyoto. History aficionados will have an inspiring time exploring the cultural legacy of the city. Nara takes sightseeing to an exciting new level, thanks to the presence of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Given the compact size of the city, you can easily cover many popular attractions in half a day. Start with the impressive sight of Daibutsu (the Great Buddha). Proceed to catch glimpses of the marvelous Todai-ji Temple Complex and Kasuga Shrine. Second only to Kyoto’s repository of important ancient landmarks, Nara offers many enchanting experiences, such as feeding the wild deer that roam around in the Nara Park. Stop by for a Japanese-Western-style buffet, or indulge in some souvenir shopping before you head back to the hotel. (Half Day; Private activity & Public transport; Duration: 5 hrs. Please bring comfortable shoes. Please don’t carry food items in your bag.)

Hotel Options
RoomStandard Twin Room
Granvia Kyoto – Opt 2
RoomStandard Room with View
Day 10 - 11

Private Transfer from Hotel to Train Station


1 Day

Kōyasan, also known as Mount Koya, and its surrounds, is a delightful destination to delve into the ancient culture of Japan, and a marvelous UNESCO World Heritage site.

Included Activities

Mount Koya Monastery Retreat
Immerse yourself in the soul rejuvenating and tranquil experience of a two day retreat at a Japanese monastery. A pleasant and scenic train ride from Osaka will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mount Koya. Accompanied by your local guide from the train station, a short cable car ride will take you atop the 900 meter Mount Koya. Marvel at the magnificent sight of over one hundred temples surrounding the mountain top. This sacred site has been the center of a key Buddhist sect for over a century! Visit Kongobunji Temple, the main monastery of Shingon Buddhism, which is also home to Japan’s largest rock garden. Stop by the Garan Temple Complex and Okunoin. The latter is Japan’s largest cemetery, housing the mausoleum of the founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kobo Daishi. Imagine walking past 200,000 tombstones of Japan’s feudal lords, prominent monks and well known dignitaries. Retire to your comfortable but simple Buddhist temple lodging (shukubo) after dusk. Stayat the lodge, which is well equipped with your own private bathing area. Enjoy a traditional vegetarian meal served with the compliments of your gentle hosts. The following morning, wake up to Buddhist chants and the morning prayers of the monks. After a refreshing and healthy typical shojin ryori breakfast, take a leisurely walk to explore the area at your own pace, before boarding the train back to Kyoto. (Duration: 2 days, 1 night, Journey time: 2.5 hrs by local train; Meals included; Drinks are extra)

Hotel Options
RoomSuperior Grade Accommodation
MealsHalf Board (Breakfast & Dinner)
Day 11 - 13

Private Transfer from Train Station to Hotel


2 Days

Osaka is third largest city of Japan and has been the home of traders and merchants. It is also well-known for Japan’s oldest temple, the Shinto Sumiyoshi-taisha, and the majestic 16th century Osaka Castle.

Included Activities

Highlights Of Osaka
Explore the charms of Osaka on this full day tour, beginning with the majestic 16th century Osaka Castle. Apart from its importance in the history of Japan, it also serves as a museum tracing Osaka’s history through the centuries. Head onward to the city’s former pleasure district of Dotonbori, which has now transformed into a street food mecca where you can feast on delicious takoyaki and octopus dumplings. Afterwards, walk down to the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum where you can admire a curated collection of 18th century Japanese prints, and create your own woodblock prints. End this perfect day out with a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline, as captured in your mind’s eye from the iconic Umeda Sky Building in the Kita District. Walk up to the ‘Floating Garden Observatory’ on the 39th floor for the best views. (Full Day; Fitness Level: Easy; Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum is closed on Mondays; Please wear comfortable walking shoes).

Hotel Options
RoomStudio Twin
Hilton Osaka – Opt 2
RoomHilton Room
Day 13 - 13

Private Transfer from Hotel to Train Station

Shinkansen Train from Shin Osaka to Tokyo (2.5 hrs)

Train from Tokyo to Narita (1 Hr)


0 Days

Tokyo is a city like no other! Defined by cutting-edge design, quirky creativity and its own unique ancient culture, the city defines the best of both worlds.

International Departure

 Price & Inclusions

  • Option 1 From $ 9,450 /person
  • Option 2 From $ 9,715 /person

Prices are in USD and exclude international flights. This trip price is based on low season rates for accommodation and other applicable services, and may change depending on availability, currency fluctuations and number of people traveling together. For high season prices, please contact us with your exact travel dates and preferences.

Price Includes

    • Accommodation in one double room for 13 days / 12 nights
    • Meals as indicated
    • The following train journeys in the highest class available :
      • Tokyo – Odawara Hakone (Shinkansen Train-Standard Class)
      • Odawara Hakone – Kyoto 1.45 h (Shinkansen Train-Standard Class)
      • Shin Osaka – Tokyo 2.5 (Shinkansen Train – Standard Class)
      • Narita Airport – Tokyo (Train – Standard Class)
    • All activities as listed :
      • Tokyo: Highlights of Tokyo
      • Tokyo: Nikko World Heritage Excursion
      • Tokyo: Kamakura Excursion from Tokyo
      • Hakone: Visit to Mount Fuji National Park
      • Hakone: Onsen: Japanese Hot Spring Baths
      • Kyoto: Highlights of Kyoto
      • Kyoto: Kyoto Fushimi & Sake Brewery Excursion
      • Kyoto: Calligraphy Class at Local Master’s House
      • Kyoto: Excursion to Nara
      • Koyasan: Mount Koya Monastery Retreat
      • Osaka: Highlights of Osaka
    • All airport and hotel transfers (either by shared public transport with an English-speaking assistant or private chauffeur driven vehicle with an English-speaking assistant) as discussed with your Travel Consultant
    • A high-quality air conditioned, safety-tested vehicle with private chauffeur and an English-speaking assistant as discussed with your Travel Consultant
    • Train journeys as discussed with your Travel Consultant
    • All activities specified in the itinerary, including entrance fees, when accompanied by our local, English-speaking tour guide
    • Your Trip Coordinator: a 24/7 point of contact, supporting you during your trip
    • Welcome kit including all important documents and information regarding your itinerary
    • Insolvency insurance
    • Fees and taxes
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