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In The Land of Tigers

This wild encounter takes you deep into classic Rudyard Kipling territory where you can unwind in exquisite safari lodges and experience the best tiger safaris at India’s finest national parks. Avail an additional discount of 8% off Option 1 Hotels or 15% off Option 2 Hotels, if... Read more

Discovering Myanmar

Take a three week adventure through one of Asia’s least explored destinations! Discover Myanmar’s ancient past, teeming with regal palaces and pagodas, traditional villages, colonial city culture, and untouched beaches. Read more

Highlights of Brazil

From festival fervor to incredible wildlife and natural wonders, this comprehensive Brazil tour offers amazing insights into the country’s best known sights and sounds! Read more

Brazil: Amazonas, Iguazu & Beach Bliss

Uncover the mysteries of the Amazon! On the one hand a voyage of discovery deep inside the Amazon rainforest, and on the other a relaxing sojourn on pristine beaches or by roaring rapids, this private Brazil tour is the perfect introduction to the country’s prized jewels! Read more

Culture, Adventure and Nature on Java & Bali

Temples, volcanoes and timeless landscapes – this Indonesia tour is a delightful and spectacular collection of highlights from the islands of Java and Bali. Discover untouched landscapes set far away from the maddening crowds, and soak in the pristine charm of lesser known destinations such... Read more

Top Indonesia Travel Tips from Enchanting Travels

Luxurious Islands of Indonesia

A feast for the senses! From the incomparable architectural delights of Borobudur and Prambanan on the island of Java, to picturesque landscapes and beach bliss at Lombok, this Indonesia tour is packed full of incredible experiences. On this tour of Indonesia, your accommodation is a... Read more

Highlights of Java and Bali

The Heart of Indonesia: Java & Bali

This Indonesia trip artfully combines the impressive temples of Java with the twin volcanoes Bromo and Ijen, and the beautiful landscapes of Bali. The perfect introduction to incredible Indonesia, with the promise of unforgettable impressions including a short beach stay in Candidasa. Read more

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