Hanoi has served as a beautiful capital city and the seat of government for Vietnam for over a thousand years. Whilst this stimulating city is quickly transforming with modern skyscrapers rising up and beeping horns from its frenzied traffic, you can peel back its layers of history and discover a bubbling cauldron of French and Chinese influence. Explore exotic ancient monuments and remnants of colonial imperialism . In the passages of its Old Quarter, there are affable merchants to be found in night markets and at bustling street food stalls. Surrounded by lush green countryside, there is also a tranquil side to Hanoi, seen when city dwellers practice the ancient martial art of tai chi or as families sit on the pavement to slowly enjoy steaming bowls of pho (noodle soup). Located on the banks of Red River, you can enjoy a cooler climate than in the south.


  • Colonial Buildings
  • Water Puppet Show
  • Cyclo Ride
  • Hanoian Culture
  • Ancient Architecture

 Places to stay

InterContinental Westlake

Hotel Style: International

InterContinental Hanoi Westlake is Hanoi's newest 5-Star hotel on the waterfront of West Lake, overlooking the 800-yr-old Golden Lotus Pagoda.  See Hotel

Movenpick Hotel (Hanoi)

Hotel Style: International

The luxury hotel Moevenpick with its distinctive French architecture is conveniently located only 5 minutes from the city centre.  See Hotel

Silk Path Hotel

Hotel Style: International

The chic Silk Path Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Hanois Old Quarter.  See Hotel

Sofitel Legend Metropol (Hanoi)

Hotel Style: Heritage

Standing proudly since 1901, the Sofitel Metropole Hanoi blends warm Vietnamese hospitality with European luxury heritage.  See Hotel

The Apricot Hotel

Hotel Style: International

See Hotel

The Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

Hotel Style: Boutique

Experience luxury at the heart of the city. Located on the old Ma May street of Hanoi, the La Siesta Hotel offers easy access to the Hoan Kiem Lake and major attractions of the city.  See Hotel

 Things to do

Tai Chi practice with a Master by a Lake

Enjoy an early morning drive to a nearby lake to meet with a local Tai Chi master who has been practicing this ancient philosophy for nearly a decade. Many a local indulges in early morning sessions of Tai Chi, said to reduce stress and improve balance. Enjoy your serene surroundings and listen to nature whilst moving your body according to your Master’s instructions. Learn more about the popularity of Tai Chi before returning to your hotel prior to breakfast.

Street Food with Gastronomy Expert / Local Chef

Glimpse how Hanoians love street eating, an unique part of the city’s culture. Street food is for everyone…satiate your adventurous palates with all types of culinary delights. Learn about local ingredients by visiting a local food market with an expert gastronome. Armed with some knowledge, hit the streets and alleys on a discovery of food. Most street restaurants serve just 1-2 dishes, each prepared before you. End by dining at Ngon (delicious) Restaurant, set like a local food market.

Street Food Tour with Daniel Hoyer

Meet Daniel Hoyer..an American chef/culinary instructor and food writer. Embark on a Street Food tour commencing with an overview of local ingredients in a market; sip Viet coffee while Daniel outlines the local Hanoi food scene and daily routine; savor Hanoian delicacies like grilled beef and rice noodle rolls with fresh herbs and greens at a Bún Ch? Chanh stall (in a narrow lane, open few hours each afternoon) run by 2 sisters using real wood for cooking, still hand fanning the fire sans electric fans, sitting on tiny stools at low plastic tables with other true-blue Bún Ch? aficionados!

Private Water Puppet Show

Take a 45min drive from Hanoi through urban areas, Dao Thuc village and enjoy a 10min horse-cart ride on bumpy roads to the village gate. Arrive at a puppet-making workshop; meet Mr. Nghi ; learn how his family showcases this traditional art to the world. Be thrilled by a live water puppetry performance at the home. Enjoy a 30min outdoor show on the village pond accompanied by live background traditional orchestra music; admire puppeteers standing chest-deep in the water to manipulate puppets.

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