Akshay Maggu

  • Senior Travel Consultant

It was on a month-long backpacking trip across Europe that Akshay was bitten by wanderlust. He is passionate about travel, but his first love is planning perfect vacations — recommending the best things to do, places to visit, and routes to take — that enable our guests to experience each destination in a unique way.

Having traveled extensively in India and Asia, and armed with his first-hand knowledge, Akshay can offer you rare glimpses into hidden corners where its colorful culture thrives. He can tell you where to find the best local cuisine, the liveliest streets, and show you the continent’s natural beauty in all its untamed glory.

Akshay gets his adrenaline rush from his many adventures: skydiving and parasailing, or bungee jumping and river rafting in North India, and other parts of the world – he has done it all. Music and meditation are his stress busters. He comes armed with an MBA in Sales and Marketing as well as a degree in Engineering for Electronics and Communication.

Most Enchanting Travel

I can’t ever forget a 10-day trekking trip to Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India, with my friends from college. We would hike up the mountains every day, set up our tents and soak in the natural beauty. We also received incredible insights into the lives of the local people. On a visit to the nearby Malana village, a server at a small chai-and-Maggi (tea and instant noodles) stall told us that the people of Malana believe they are pureblood descendants of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great! It was a privilege to see the village, especially because the Government has now banned entry into the region.

At least once in your life, travel solo. It is a liberating feeling.

Akshay Maggu

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