Corin Gallagher

  • Senior Travel Consultant

Corin fell in love with the wild on his first vacation to Kanha Tiger Reserve in India — recommended by none other than Enchanting Travels! Thoroughly bitten by the travel bug, he decided to join the Enchanting Travels team so he could design experiential vacations for fellow travelers.

His passion for wildlife and first-hand experiences have given him deep insights into what could make or break a vacation in exotic destinations. An avid traveler, Corin has traveled extensively in Africa, Europe, the USA, India, Mongolia and Asia. A resident of Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has Patagonia, Southern Africa, and China on his bucket list.

Apart from travel, Corin is passionate about music, so much so that he once seriously considered a career as a jazz saxophonist! He enjoys rock climbing and football, and is often found experimenting in his kitchen or dining out at the newest restaurant in town. A graduate in English literature from the University of Bristol, UK, Corin has a keen interest in global cultures and history.

Most Enchanting Travel

Enchanting Travels’ recommendation of Shergarh Tented Camp in the Kanha National Park in India was so brilliant that I returned there two years later to work for the camp. I’ve had many travel highs — organizing football in local villages, hiking in the mountains, celebrating the Holi festival in rural India and attending a grand Indian wedding in Delhi — but nothing matches the thrill of witnessing a tiger safari. I still get goosebumps when I think of the exhilarating moment when I spotted my first tiger at Kanha.

Slow down and never underestimate local knowledge. Try and forget social media!

Corin Gallagher

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