Praik - CEO & Co-Founder of Enchanting Travels

Parik Laxminarayan

  • CEO & Co-Founder

Parik has an insatiable appetite for discovering amazing places. With genuine care and insider knowledge as his inspiration and founding philosophy, Parik and his friend Alex, crafted a business plan that became Enchanting Travels. Parik has lived and traveled through Europe and Asia as an international tennis player, America as an undergraduate at Ohio State University and with a consulting career in Washington, D.C. He completed his MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore. With a hyperactive personality and an unparalleled zest for life, Parik travels around the various Enchanting Travels destinations seeking new experiences and places to share with our guests.

Most Enchanting Travel

3am, May 21, 2005, Olakira Camp, Serengeti, Tanzania. As the roar of the lions became louder and louder, the instinctive and irrational human fears began to emerge stronger and stronger. Would the lions enter our tent? Is Ghost in the Darkness a true story? Would they eat us? How close are they? I could almost feel the breath of one of the lions. Curiosity overcame fear and we timidly walked towards the zipper of our window of our canvas tent and watched a pride of lions walk right through our camp that night. This exhilarating experience on my first safari in Africa had me hooked and instilled an even stronger passion for travel. I could only look up and thank my lucky stars for being able to live a dream – to travel the world and enjoy such special moments.

There is no greater joy than travel, except that of sharing this joy and passion with other travelers!

Parik Laxminarayan

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