Ranjana Kishinani

  • Senior Travel Consultant

If you want expert advice on what you must see and do in each destination, Ranjana is your go-to Travel Consultant. A people’s person, she has an innate ability to make guests feel comfortable, identify their expectations, and create perfect itineraries that leave them enchanted. She believes in superlative service, no matter where her guests travel.

A globetrotter herself, Ranjana has traveled all over the world. She’s enjoyed a multitude of experiences — from climbing mountains and going on jeep safaris in national parks, to being spellbound by archaeological sites and traveling to remote, hidden beaches. She has Madagascar and New Zealand on her bucket list.

When she’s not traveling herself or planning vacations for her guests, she can spend all day reading – newspapers, magazines, mystery books, autobiographies — just about anything she can lay her hands on. A graduate in Business and Commerce, Ranjana has worked with an IT services company and a bank before realizing her dream of being a travel planner at Enchanting Travels.

Most Enchanting Travel

On a road trip from Manali to Leh, we had a flat tire and got out of the vehicle to fix it. Suddenly, we had rocks raining down the mountainside because a landslide. We ran for safety, but our vehicle was smashed to bits. What followed was my most exciting travel experience. The locals in the area surprised us with their warmth. They let us into their houses, offered us coffee and food. They even called the Indian Army to tow away our vehicle. A hotelier gave us rooms in his property and booked a vehicle for us. It made me realize that humanity and compassion still really exist in the world.

Travel opens one’s eyes to the differences in customs, traditions, and landscapes around the globe. Wander out of your comfort zone if you want to truly make this world one big community.

Ranjana Kishinani

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