Vivek Krishnan Kutty

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After receiving his degree in Hotel Management and Hospitality Administration, Vivek joined the company during our first year of business and has helped build our reputation as an excellent tour operator in Asia by helping to deliver exceptional custom travel experiences to thousands of guests.

Since the beginning Vivek has overseen the expansion of new destinations and hospitality partners.

Most Enchanting Travel

Smaller cities and villages keep charming me, irrespective of the state of village. This is where I feel that the human race is similar everywhere. On a road trip in Siberia, our car broke down several times. We had to search for car sheds to park our car each time. The larger the town, lower the opportunities of finding one. In smaller cities we never found covered parking made for vehicles, but we had several nice people helping us find temporary spaces, moving their vehicles for us, taking time to repair our vehicles for free with the very limited knowledge they had. Language is never a barrier when you want to genuinely help people.

I love working for Enchanting Travels as every guest who travels with us is inspiration for my personal travel adventures.

Vivek Krishnan Kutty

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