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We believe that responsible tour operators should do more than supporting charities. To us, practicing sustainability or responsible travel means being responsible in the way that we work – it pervades what we do on a day-to-day basis.

When we first founded Enchanting Travels in 2004, we wanted to ensure that we have a positive impact on the society and environment in which we operate.

We believe that when done well, tourism can be a force for good, whether it is the ability to boost local economies and support communities, or as a way to promote conservation to a wider audience. This belief has always been entrenched in our company vision. To make your travel dreams come true and facilitate journeys to different parts of our amazing planet, it is important to us that we and our guests make a positive contribution to the people and places visited along the way.

We do not claim perfection – and we would question any others who do. We acknowledge that to be a modern-day traveler being “eco-friendly” is impractical, as every step leaves a footprint, however we do value being “eco-considerate”.

Join us on our journey today to make a better world for tomorrow.

Acting Responsibly as a Tour Operator

What is Responsible Travel?

Tourism matters. For every vacation you take, you are contributing in ways that you might not have considered. We want our trips to benefit the host communities and preserve cultural heritage, while having a minimal impact on the natural environment.

about responsible travel

Meet our Responsible Travel Champions

Meet the Enchanters who are spearheading our responsible travel initiatives in our offices around the world.

Meet the champions

Considered Destinations

We consider ourselves purveyors of exotic destinations, yet when we choose to offer a particularly country or region, we do so with a lot of consideration.

How we select our destinations

Community Support

Travel helps people from all walks of life unite and appreciate each other. Enchanting Travel believes in supporting every community, to provide them with an opportunity to shine.

Supporting local communities

Thoughtful Accommodation

There’s a whole world of accommodation that thinks out of the box. Allow us to introduce you to a few of our favorite examples!

hotels we offer

Travel for Everyone

Travel opens up new horizons and offers brand new perspectives. We believe that no one should be denied this, certainly not our guests. We ensure that our guests travel to the most beautiful destinations in the world and feel safe and secure along the journey.


Protecting the Wild in Wildlife

We are always seeking out responsible experiences that all you to appreciate and support the natural world. We believe that when executed well, safaris can provide substantial education to people of all ages.

how we contribute to conservation

Women Empowerment

We believe in providing opportunities that empower women and address the gender inequality in an industry. We also hand-pick partners who supportive a more equitable playing field for men and women in the industry.

how we empower women

Climate Change Considerations

Enchanting Travels believes in the importance in climate protection which is why we are open to discussing the challenges faced, and are transparent with our guests.  

Climate considerations

Responsible Experiences

Responsible Travel Experiences

We aim to facilitate insightful and eye-opening experiences for you, connecting with humankind at a deeper level, where you’re embracing unfamiliar territory, and learning something completely new about a culture or environment, as well as about yourself.

Responsible experiences

Memory Foundation

Through the Memory Foundation, we aim to give people in remote areas in Africa who often don’t have any personal pictures a tangible memory of themselves and their loved ones.

Memory foundation

Charitable Partners

Your vacation is never just a vacation – it’s a gift to the communities you encounter. Enchanting Travels is committed to creating a positive impact on the societies within which we operate.

Our partners

Supporting Sustainable Partners

How Responsible Travel Impacts our Decisions

With our commitment to being a force for good at the heart of our business, we request that all our partners are as equally engaged in responsible ethical and sustainable business practices.

Our approach

The Power of Partnerships

Over the years we have forged close relationships with many ethical and sustainable partners who deliver exceptionally enriching experiences across the world. Allow us to introduce you to them!

Our Partners

Treatment of our Staff

Living our Core Values

In line with this, we are guided by four Core Values that form the basis for how everyone associated with Enchanting Travels interacts with one another and which we aim to instill in everyone who comes into contact with our company.

Our core values

Team Diversity and Engagement

We are a melting pot of cultures from an array of industries and backgrounds, where personality, passion, principles and professionalism is always prioritized over academia and experience.

What we do

A World of Opportunity – Our Commitment to our Team

We regularly review our HR policies and analyze living costs and salaries to see how we can ensure we are fair to our staff. We also expect the same from all our partners.

Our commitment to our team

Enabling Personal Dreams

It takes more than just courage to follow your personal dreams: it takes a supportive environment. That’s what we strive to provide.

Enabling personal dreams

Local Guides and Chauffeurs | Guide Awards

We feel incredibly proud that we have so many well-read, intelligent guides and dedicated, caring chauffeurs working with us and are contributing to the success of our company.

Working with our local teams

Community Support

Volunteering in the Community

We encourage our team members to learn about sustainable tourism through attending local workshops and conferences, and we also invite inspiring organizations to come and talk to us about important local issues.

Volunteering at Enchanting Travels

Internship and Mentorship Program

Our Africa and India offices offer internships to youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds, regardless of their geography.

Internship and Mentorships

Gifts with a Heart

We partner with local charitable organizations to supply us with lovingly handmade gifts that we hope that you, our guests, will treasure forever.

How we select gifts

The Greener Office Initiative

All our teams globally are committed to improving their office environments, through initiatives suggested by individual team members.

Our initiatives

How you can get involved and contribute

Responsible Travel extends beyond the ground operations, accommodation and community. It also includes you! The difference between a typical tourist and an Enchanting Travels guest is mindset: by traveling with us you are open and respectful in your behavior and actions.

How to get involved

Inspiring Encounters

Many of our guests are an inspiration, filled with spirit, soul and determination to make a positive impact on their global travels.

Inspiring encounters

Top Tips for Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is a journey, not a destination, but you can create lighter footprints and share in some smiles if you follow our top tips.

Top tips


We believe in constantly questioning everything so that we can continually innovate and improve our commitment and action to being a Responsible Travel tour operator.


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