Explore wild Africa! Till the end of Mozambique’s Civil War in the 1990s, the Niassa Wildlife Reserve in northern Mozambique had remained entirely untouched. Today, it is one of the largest conservation areas on the continent with twice the surface area of Kruger National Park. The terrain is dominated by the Rovuma and Lugenda rivers, where crocodiles and hippos abound. Spectacular inselbergs like the Mecula and Jao mountains, rise imperiously from the surrounding bushes. With a sparse human population, the area is teeming with animals like monkeys, baboons, jackals, hartebeest, eland, zebra, buffalos, and 12,000 elephants that are hard to miss!


  • Mecula and Jao Mountains
  • Diverse Wildlife
  • Pristine Wilderness

Activities in Niassa Game Reserve

Activities at Lugenda

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