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Damaraland Brandberg Tours

Damaraland brings to mind images of hauntingly beautiful rock formations contrasted against the semi-arid landscape. Patches of greenery sprout up amid the sprawling spaces where signs of habitation are few and far in between. Alongside, endangered black rhinos, elephants, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, and gemsbok roam free, their ears cocked for the roar of a lion! Home to Namibia’s highest mountain Brandberg and the Spitzkoppe range of ancient granite peaks, the region is a treasure trove of prehistoric rock art and engravings. With a topography that is a dream come true for hikers and rock climbers. Guided walks, bird watching, camping under the starry sky, and cultural tours in the so-called Living Museums await the less adventurous. Luxurious lodges, rustic campsites run in association with the local communities, and resorts on private concessions are just some of the accommodation options seen here.


  • Brandberg & Spitzkoppe Mountains
  • Prehistoric Rock Art
  • Desert-adapted Wildlife
  • Luxury Camping


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