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Is Seychelles safe? Security tips

Is Seychelles safe?

Are you planning your tour to this island paradise and wondering ‘is Seychelles safe’? Worry not, Seychelles is an extremely safe destination for your vacation. However, it is best to take some simple safety measures to ensure that your holiday is stress-free. Read our top tips on safety in Seychelles.

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Is Seychelles safe? Explore beautiful beaches and nature with our tips

Safety Tips for your Seychelles Vacation

Beware of pickpockets

Although the crime rate is relatively low in Seychelles, it is best not to carry valuables with you while traveling. It is always a good idea to store your valuables securely in the safety box of your hotel room.


Don’t swim too far out while bathing in the sea. Currents can change quickly and are often difficult to gauge. If swimming is prohibited in a specific area, you should definitely follow the rules, even if other tourists are not. A calm sea can be deceptive! Avoid swimming at deserted beaches.

Pirates ships off the coast of Seychelles

While there have been some pirate attacks near the Seychelles coast, travelers do not need to worry about safety. Island hopping between popular destinations has not been affected in Seychelles. An attack on a tourist boat is highly unlikely, especially because any known attacks have taken place hundreds of miles away from the archipelago.

Don’t be afraid of sharks

Shark attacks are extremely rare in the Seychelles, however, do check with your hotel or your Trip Coordinator about the current situation.

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Is Seychelles safe? Security and safety in the Island Paradise

Your safety is our top priority, and we are here to ensure that your trip is completely stress-free and seamless. Your Trip Coordinator is available around the clock, seven days a week, to ensure that you are always comfortable. If you are planning your vacation and have questions about safety in Seychelles, our destination experts are happy to help.


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