Hike to Mt Elgon – the sixth-highest mountain in Africa at 4,321 meters! Lush forests, grasslands and moorlands, and a huge caldera surrounded by rugged peaks, makes this a rewarding destination for hikers and natural history enthusiasts. While ascending Mt Elgon, you will pass through dense Afro-montane forest and mixed bamboo belts teeming with birdlife, and enter the fascinating heath and moorland zones with endemic plant species. Wildlife enthusiasts will find primates, buffaloes, duikers, hyenas, leopards and hundreds of fascinating birds here. The lonely trek to Mt Elgon will help you acclimatize for a climb in the Rwenzoris.


  • Landscape
  • Relaxation
  • Wildlife


  • Lush Green Forest
  • Rugged Mountains
  • Endemic Plants Species


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