Cruising Into the Great White on a Tour of Antarctica

The rugged, dreamy landscape of ice sheets, snowy mountains, and submerged icebergs, makes a tour to Antarctica a true adventure. As you make your way through polar waters, past ice floes and ancient glaciers, you’ll be awestruck at the abundant wildlife that thrives in this harsh, frozen habitat. Watch a rookery of native Adélie penguins build rocky nests, walk along colonies of breeding fur seals congregated on black sand beaches, or gaze in wonder at the incredible wingspan of a wandering albatross gliding overhead.

Trips to Antarctica are only possible between November and March. This is the summer season and from December to February the austral sun gifts the region 20-hours of daylight. Temperatures rise and some ice melts, allowing ships through.

Any journey to this dazzling white landscape of Earth’s most remote continent is an expedition. Let an Enchanting Travels consultant handhold you through the planning and execution of this voyage of a lifetime. We offer a choice of cruises on small ships with glass-domed observation lounges or all-boutique suite vessels with plush interiors and top-deck viewing platforms. On-board enjoy state-of-the-art amenities, gourmet meals, saunas, and a well-stocked library.

Choose to fly from Punta Arenas, Chile to Frei Station on gorgeous King George Island, avoiding sailing across the choppy waters of the Southern Ocean’s Drake Passage. Or sail the whole way starting your luxury cruise in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost tip of South America. Either way, set aside a few days to explore these far-flung gateways to the white continent.

Day trips on Zodiac rafts or kayaks take you through Antarctica’s smaller channels and permit shore landings. Each expedition is unique, determined by the weather and wildlife, and made richer by the presence of passionate polar naturalists, who also arrange engaging lectures on the geology, history, flora, and fauna of the region. Stops include former whaling outposts and research stations set against majestic mountains, and sites like Elsehul Bay, Salisbury Plains, Drygalski Fjord, and more. Listen to the squawking of Cuverville Island’s gentoo penguins, which sport vivid orange beaks. On Deception Island forget the biting cold, and soak in a geothermal hot spring. The still waters of narrow Lemaire Channel, flanked by steep glacial cliffs, provide an altogether different view of this unique land. Antarctica is truly a pristine environment beyond compare.


Climate of Antarctica

Welcome to the coldest country in the world! With average temperatures of -70°C and -40°C during August – the peak of winter – the climate of Antarctica is the harshest of all continents. It does get warmer during the summer months with average temperatures of -15°C and – 45°C in February, which is considered the warmest month of the region. However, temperatures are somewhat higher in the coastal areas due: between -32°C to -15°C in winter, and -5°C to 5°C in the summer months. With such extreme climatic conditions, it is no wonder that Antarctica is the driest region on our planet, almost entirely a desert. The land experiences six months of daylight in the summer months of October to March, and the rest of the year is spent in darkness. It’s also where the lowest ever temperature on earth was recorded in 2018, -97.8°C, beating the previous record of -89.2°C from 1983!

Best Time to Visit Antarctica

A trip to Antarctica will always be extraordinary and unlike any other vacation you will have taken before or since so when should you visit? Follow the link to discover the top tips from our destination experts.

Best time to visit Antarctica

What to Pack for Antarctica

Enchanting Travels Antarctica Tours Young female elephant seal cuddling with duffel bags placed in the snow

Covered by ice approximately a mile thick, it’s safe to say Antarctica is the coldest place on earth. Temperatures often drop to as little as -70 degrees Celsius. As you can imagine; what one wears is of the utmost importance, be it day or night. Follow the link for advice from our experts!

What to pack for Antarctica

Top 10 Highlights of Antarctica

It’s not just a plain of ice white snow and a smattering of penguins. Antarctica may not get the same coverage as European city breaks or sunny surfing holidays but there is a breathtaking beauty to the region that can be found nowhere else on earth. Here are the top ten highlights of Antarctica.

Highlights of Antarctica

Antarctica Travel Tips

Any expedition travel to Antarctica requires flexibility and adaptation to ever changing circumstances. The weather like anywhere else, is unpredictable. Follow the link below to read our travel tips.

The Antarctic has a surprisingly dry atmosphere so please remember to drink lots of liquids.

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Antarctica travel tips

Discover the ice-capped wonderland on a completely customized, private tour, assisted by our experts around the clock. Get in touch with us today for your obligation-free itinerary.

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