Fukuoka is a strategic harbor city anchored on Kyushu island in southern Japan. Historically, part of marine trade routes since the 13th century, discover a wealthy, cosmopolitan metropolis. Beautiful ancient temples with magnificent zen gardens sit alongside skyscrapers and castles. Juxtaposed against this are live houses around town that bear testimony to the Mentai rock music which flourished during the 1980s. Uncover a vibrant art and culture scene – from the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum to spectacular festivals and ateliers that have elevated kimono-making to high art! Just as exciting are the aroma–filled rows of yatai (Japanese street stalls) that pop up along the Naka river promenade every night. One of the best-known symbols of Fukuoka, these offer delicious local delicacies amid an eclectic ambiance.


  • Ancient Temples and Zen Gardens
  • Vibrant Art and Culture
  • Yatai Street Food Stalls


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