Miyajima is a small sacred island tucked away in the Island Sea. This has been a holy place of Shintoism, one of the earliest Japanese faiths. For centuries, mere ‘commoner’s were forbidden to come to the island, and even today it is said no one but be born or die on the island. We highly recommend you bring your camera, as Miyajima is home to the most photographed site in Japan, the Floating Torii Gate, which is a shrine dating back to the 6th century with restoration dating back to the 12th century. With great artistic and ancient technical skill, it is today preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site and designated as one of Japan’s 3′ Most Beautiful Views’.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Sacred island for Shintoism
  • The Floating Torii Gate
  • UNESCO World Heritage site

Places to Stay

Iroha Ryokan Miyajima

Style: Boutique

Iroha Ryokan Miyajima is a delightful boutique hotel that strongly believes in the philosophy of Kizuna (social bonds and connections), so you can be sure you will be treated like family during your stay in this island paradise.

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Enchanting Travels Asia Japan Vacations - Miyajima -Iwaso Miyajima (3) 1600
Iwaso Miyajima

Style: Boutique

Iwaso Miyajima started off as a rustic teahouse nestled in the tranquil natural park of Mijayima Island.

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