Explore Sapporo, the dynamic capital of Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido! A year-round destination, stunning natural landscapes and distinctive seasons welcome you in this city. Built on a rectangular grid system, Sapporo offers a selection of unique attractions in its urban gardens to keep you entertained. The expansive Moerenuma Park and the Sapporo Sculpture Garden, among others, feature progressive public art, while the open-air Historic Village of Hokkaido museum showcases the region’s old-world architecture. Aside from the ubiquitous namesake beer, you’ll find a thriving scene of local craft breweries to quench your thirst in summer. In winter, the annual Snow Festival is the main attraction with its snow and ice installations, and a multitude of activities! The erstwhile host to the Winter Olympics, there is plenty of winter sports to be enjoyed at Sapporo. Nearby, Mount Moiwa with its spectacular nighttime views, calls out to your inner romantic.


  • Natural Landscapes and Urban Gardens
  • Snow Festival
  • Winter Sports


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