At the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers, lies Luang Prabang, 300kms north of Vientiane. Glimpse a synthesis of traditional architecture, Lao urban structures and colonial remnants. Watch monks and their novices in burnt sienna robes; inhale aromas of ‘frangipani’ lined streets; visit produce markets and savor spicy foods. North of Luang Prabang, the mighty Mekong meanders through verdant mountains and picturesque valleys creating magical vistas in its wake. Starting from the Tibetan Plateau, it winds its way to the Mekong delta in Vietnam, briefly forming the border of Laos with Thailand en route. It provides livelihood transport and water to millions of people in the towns between. The Luang Say cruise provides an ideal opportunity to see green fields smattered with hilltribe villages intertwined by canals and rivulets. Observe self-sustaining rural river life and see minorities sell their wares along the Nam Ou River. The cruise stops at Tam Ting ‘Caves of a Thousand Buddhas’ and a hill-tribe village (weather permitting) to watch the traditional process of Lao whiskey production.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Traditional Architecture
  • Picturesque Valleys
  • Tam Ting Caves

Places to Stay

Laos Tours: Where the past meets the present
Luangsay Cruise

Style: Cruise

This 1 night/2 day cruise on the Mekong allows you to explore the relatively inaccessible north of Laos.

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Activities in Luang Prabang / Mekong

Inclued activities at Luangsay Cruise

Take a 1N Luangsay Cruise ‘upriver’ to Luang Prabang-Pakbeng. From Luang Prabang pier head upriver on the Mekong to Pakbeng


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