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Bagan Ayeyarwady River Cruise

Ayeyarwady River has remained the historic lifeline of Myanmar for time immemorial. While kingdoms have risen and fallen and colonialists have warred, the river has continued to be an abundant source of tranquility and livelihood. For centuries, Ayeyarwady RIver has provided many trade and transportation opportunities, as it flows from Myanmar’s north right down to the south, and passing through major towns and cities including Bagan and Mandalay. The Ay Life on the river is still relatively uncomplicated. Traditional fishing boats and vessels glide along the serene waters at a leisurely pace, past rolling fields and an unspoilt landscape.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Overnight Cruise
  • Village Life
  • River Life
  • Pottery Workshop
  • Relaxation

Activities in Bagan / Ayeyarwady

Included activities at Paukan Cruise3 Day (Bagan-Mandalay)

Take a 2N Paukan Cruise ‘Upriver’ from ancient Bagan to royal Mandalay, to discover life along the mighty Irrawaddy River. Board the Paukan at Bagan’s Aye Yar jetty; check in, sip cocktails in the Saloon. Cruise all day..visit the Yandabo, a small nearby Mandalay village with pottery workshops – learn pottery, observe village life. This is also where the First Anglo-Burmese war peace treaty was signed in 1826.Sail via tranquil scenery; peek into the peaceful Thein Gone village or Shartaw. Drop anchor overnight at a nearby village..Ywar Thit Gyi or Pauk Myaing Pauk Taw, few miles away from Ava Bridge. At dawn, enjoy breakfast while watching the sun rise. Check-out and disembark at Sagaing Jetty or Gawein jetty around 0930-1000hrs when the cruise ends. Back to your hotel.

Included activities at Road to Mandalay 5 Days (Bagan-Mandalay)

Join the Road To Mandalay on a 3N cruise along the Ayeyarwady River. Fly into Bagan from Yangon; board the boat on the Ayeyarwaddy River; check in; meet your crew. Tour Bagan’s over 2,000 temples/ pagodas scattered on an awe-inspiring plain; entertainment, dinner aboard. Next day, explore Bagan’s busy local markets with sellers of wood carvings, Burmese ‘longyis’, rattan goods, lacquerware; or, hire a cycle/horse-drawn cart to explore yourself. Sail to Mandalay; see river life glide by; moor mid-river overnight; dinner follows a casual cocktail party. Next day, arrive at Shwe Kyet Yet village; visit Mandalay’s key sights; return to the ship; overnight aboard. Sail downstream; visit Mingun; see Hsinbyume Pagoda and the world’s largest ‘uncracked’ bell; visit Sagaing Hills (‘living centre’ of Myanmar’s Buddhist faith), famous for silver/silversmiths. Check out next day; transfer to Mandalay Airport for your Yangon flight.

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