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Kui Buri Safari

Kui Buri sprawls across moist equatorial forests that is home to a variety of tropical flora and fauna. Located practically in the center of the country, this area is best known as the base for expeditions to Kui Buri National Park. Wonderfully peaceful and picturesque, a wildlife tour in the region offers the rare chance of observing wild Asian elephants amble about their natural habitat. The forest is teeming with plenty of other animals too, including gaurs, jackals, leopards and langur monkeys. Set on the fringes of the lush greenery, Kui Buri village offers its own quaint, rural charm, including the chance to watch villagers make paper from pineapples, tap rubber, and engage in wooden craftwork.


  • Kui Buri National Park
  • Tropical Flora & Fauna
  • Wild Asian Elephants

Places to Stay

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X2 Kui Buri Resort

Style: Resort

X2 Kui Buri offers a luxurious beachfront stay at this quaint Thai seaside town. Marvel at the award winning design of the resort that perfectly blends with the unblemished horizon of sea and sky.

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