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The name conjures up landmark historical events from the medieval ages down to the 20th century – the famous execution of Joan of Arc, the 11th century Norman invasion of England, everyday medieval life forever captured in the Bayeux Tapestry and images of Allied soldiers landing on its beaches during WWII. Geographically, Normandy’s Atlantic coastline mirrors the chalky cliffs of Dover across from the English Channel. And its very name comes from the Viking ‘Northmen’, who raided England and the North of France in the early ages. The Normandy region, shaped by miles of the Atlantic coast, numerous streams and rivers (including the Seine), has always been known for its rich agricultural and marine produce. It has also been an important center of scholarship and learning, captured by the striking island monastery of Mont St-Michel and the romantic ruins of the Jumièges Abbey. The beautiful capital city of Rouen, the war museums of Caen, and the charming old manor homes of Pays d’Auge are all worth a visit. Normandy’s rich culinary tradition of the finest cheese, seafood, delicious ciders and a bottle of Calvados is also enough to attract travelers from across the world.


  • D-Day Beaches
  • Regional Cider
  • Mont Saint-Michel
  • Monet House


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