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‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, or so the saying goes. It is awe inspiring to remember that the powerful city of Rome once held the destiny of millions within its walls—in its old senate houses, ancient temples, plebeian marketplaces, public circuses and amphitheaters. The ancient Italian capital is still a cosmopolitan city with over 3,000 years of history, culture and architecture living cheek by jowl with its modern avatar. The sight of the Colosseum, the graceful Pantheon and the Roman Forum have continued to evoke wonder and awe among travelers down the centuries. As with other ancient cities around the world, Rome is strewn with monuments marking its tumultuous history. The Vatican City, housed within Rome, pays homage to the once mighty seat of Christendom’s Holy Roman Empire. As St. Peter’s Basilica towers over the landscape, Michelangelo’s priceless frescos guard the walls of the Sistine Chapel. Priceless art and architecture are hard to miss in this heady European city: Bernini’s fountains, Michelangelo’s sculptures, Caravaggio’s paintings and Raphael’s frescoes follow you at every turn. Cobbled streets, elaborate piazzas and spectacular fountains recall a baroque era, while masterful artwork, churches and museums point to a rich Renaissance period. Alfresco dining, good food, cheerful street life and ancient traditions of Roman feasts have travelers asking for more.


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