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Cordoba’s colorful historical past and an equally vibrant present brought together with a medieval Islamic heritage delights travelers from all over the world. The landscape of this Andalusian beauty is dotted with several architectural marvels, none more imposing than the La Mezquita. This medieval Spanish mosque never fails to awe bystanders with its striking arches, impressive prayer hall and Byzantine mosaic work. Cordoba’s old town delights with its stone paved streets lined with wrought-iron street lamps, quaint buildings with overhanging balconies, winding alleyways and potted plants in arched windows. Expect to come upon a little courtyard, neighborhood patio or plaza lined with eateries and cafés. Sit back and relax at a plaza corner, enjoying the local music and people watching. Feast on delicious Andalusian delicacies cooked in fragrant Spanish olive oil, washed down with the region’s famous Montilla-Moriles wines.


  • Mosque-Cathedral
  • Roman Bridge
  • Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs


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