Explore one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems! Nestled amid the sub-Himalayan reaches, Dudhwa National Park graces the Terai-Bhabar region of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Set on the India-Nepal border and flanked by rivers, the park’s fertile plains are home to an assortment of flora and fauna. Enjoy the lush surrounding as clusters of Sal trees open into magnificent wet grasslands. Dotted by lakes, falls, and rivulets, the region teems with diverse wildlife. Witness Project Tiger in action – an initiative championed by conservationist, the late Billy Arjan Singh, to protect the tiger population in India. You can sight a huge population of Royal Bengal Tigers here. Dudhwa National Park is also renowned for swamp deer, five different species of which co-exist comfortably. It’s a birding paradise too, home to the rarest migratory bird life in the world. Additionally, encounter the friendly local Tharu people, who dwell within and hold the forest close to their heart.


  • Diverse Wildlife
  • Migratory Birds
  • Tharu Ethnic Community


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