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Train to the clouds goes from Salta to La Polvorilla viaduct. Argentina

A guide to Argentina’s ever-changing weather

While considering the best time to travel to Argentina, it is prudent to remember that seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are in reverse when compared to the Northern Hemisphere. The climate in Argentina is characterized by fluctuating temperatures and seasons are completely opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. Argentinians are often heard saying ‘vestite como una cebolla’ or dress like an onion. When you travel to Ushuaia (Fireland) or Patagonia (e.g. Puerto Madryn), prepare for ever-changing weather conditions and strong winds. In the north, it is very hot and dry during the day while nights can get especially cold.

The best time for a trip to Argentina is from late spring to early fall (October through April). Given that the location is far south, we recommend windproof clothing for your Argentina tours.

  Most Ideal Low Season


This is peak tourist season in Argentina and also the hottest time of the year. Make sure you plan your bookings well in advance!


  • Indulge in extensive trekking tours, enjoy impressive views of Mount Fitzroy and discover sparkling blue hidden lagoons in the hiker’s paradise of El Chalten
  • Be part of Argentina’s largest folk festival, the Festival Nacional del Folklore, held the last week of January in Cosquín, near the city of Córdoba


This is the month that Argentina’s high season gradually starts petering out. It will still be warm with temperatures in the mid-80s, so make the most of your time outdoors and on the beaches in the coastal towns.


  • Head to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, and embark on a cruise through the icy blue expanse of Antarctica!


This is the beginning of fall, so expect temperatures to drop, especially as you move southwards. Carry plenty of layers as temperatures vary across the country. The temperatures in Buenos Aires usually hovers around the mid-80s and you can expect some rain as well. March also marks the start of the harvest festivals in the wine country so don’t miss that on your Argentina trip!


  • Sample some of the region’s best produce on a wine tour in Maipú Valley at Mendoza, which also hosts the weeklong Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, a Grape Harvest Festival
  • Enjoy the pleasant weather and local culture in Cachi, a small village amid hills around the Calchaquí valleys


Enjoy the colors of fall and dropping temperatures this month. While the tourist rush peters out, expect some crowds around the Easter holidays.


  • Spend a few days in the town of Salta and visit the mythical valleys and settlements of the Incans and the vineyards of Torrontés
  • Head to Cafayate and stroll through the vineyards, savor regional delicacies, and taste the wines!


Autumn has set in Argentina, so expect lower temperatures, shorter days and sporadic rain in varying intensities across the country. It’s the perfect time to plan an Argentina honeymoon with fewer crowds everywhere.


  • This is a good time to explore the massive wetlands of Esteros del Iberá on scenic boat rides as you discover wildlife, birds and a pristine ecosystem


Autumn begins to transition to winter this month, so expect snow in the Andes. You will need to be mindful that it is around this time several tourist attractions in Patagonia shut down for the winter. So staying north of the country, closer to the Equator, may be the most advisable.


  • Dry, clear conditions beckon you to the desert villages of Tilcara, Humahuaca and Purmamarca in the north to understand the region’s culture and indigenous origins
  • Travel onward to the Humahuaca Gorge and marvel at Argentina’s seven-colored hills


Winter sets in around this time so expect cooler temperatures throughout the country – with regional variations of course – and plenty of activity in the ski resorts in Patagonia and Mendoza!


  • Head to Bariloche, the ‘Switzerland of Argentina’ to ski on some of the best slopes in the country


This is the last of the winter months in Argentina and while the northern and central part of the country experiences a fair bit of sunshine, it can still be quite wet and cold further south.


  • Make the most of the pleasant weather in towards the north at an estancia or cattle ranch in Buenos Aires Province, a small village near the capital of Argentina, and learn more about old Gaucho (or horsemen) traditions
  • Immerse yourself in tango mania at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival that brings together the world’s best dancers


This is the time that spring with its beautiful jacaranda trees and wildflowers, along with slightly longer days begins to make its presence felt in the country.


  • Take a boat ride to the Valdes Peninsula for an unforgettable whale watching tour
  • Discover the world’s largest penguin colony near Puerto Madryn!


Spring has well and truly set in by this time, making this one of the most beautiful months to visit the country.


  • Experience the thrill of the majestic Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side by taking a boat ride that takes you straight into the roaring falls
  • Take a break from the hustle at Bahía Bustamante with its magnificent beaches and crystal clear waters, the ideal place to explore the fauna of Atlantic Patagonia


This is the last month before Argentina heads into the peak tourist season. If you are looking for Argentina tourism without the crowds, this month is ideal. Most parts of the south are accessible now, with warmer temperatures, making this a lovely time to plan your visit.


  • Hike through the wonders of the Tierra del Fuego National Park
  • Explore the streets of Buenos Aires with its beautiful parks, colonial buildings, and recreational activities. Don’t forget to taste the world’s finest beef products on offer!


Across the country, temperatures begin to rise, making this one of the most popular times to visit Argentina.


  • Discover the colossal Perito Moreno glacier in the Los Glaciares National Park of El Calafate
  • Make the most of being outdoors and go horseback riding, trekking or driving across the vast expanse of Patagonia
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Wooden walkway leading to Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia Argentina, South America

Best Time to Visit Argentina by Season

Climate in Argentina:

  • Summer: December to March
  • Autumn / Fall: March to June
  • Winter: June to September
  • Spring: September to December
Woman hiker lake and mountains Bariloche, Argentina, South America

What to Pack for Argentina Tours

With a plethora of places to visit in Argentina, packing for a trip depends on a whole lot on your interests. Weather varies per region and per season, and we recommend you pack the following must-have items for your Argentina tour:

Northeast Argentina: Pack Mosquito repellent, long-sleeved lightweight shirts, waterproof coats, sneakers or shoes; sunglasses and binoculars.

Northwest Argentina: Sunglasses, sun protection, warm sweater or jacket for evenings, trekking shoes or rubber sole boots.

Central Argentina: Casual and comfortable clothes for wineries, a nice outfit for evening dining. Trekking boots and appropriate clothing if doing adventure-activities. Windproof jacket, warm sweater or fleece even in summer.

Southeast Argentina: Wind jacket, sunglasses (the light is very bright), sun protection.

Southwest Argentina: Warm jacket, hiking shoes, gloves, dress in layers. Winter clothes, snow, and skiing equipment. Wind- and waterproof jacket, hiking shoes, gloves, sunglasses. When visiting the glaciers it can be very cold. Dress for the cold, dress in layers.

South Argentina: Warm jacket, sun protection, slip & waterproof shoes, gloves. Dress for the cold, dress in layers.

Please do not worry about a dress code for your trip to Argentina! The country is very relaxed and almost adventure-styled in some remote regions – it is the perfect time for an adventure vacation in Patagonia! You might want to pack something fancier for a night out in a bustling metropolis such as Buenos Aires, but only five-star hotels and a few restaurants actually expect some sort of etiquette in the evening.

Important: If you are flying with a domestic airline, we recommend that you pack light because the baggage limits are much lower than on international flights to Argentina.

“There’s just so much to see and explore in Argentina! From natural wonders to wildlife, ancient history and culinary delights, the country offers something for everyone.”

Lisa Fox Travel Consultant Enchanting Travels

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Iguazu Falls
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