Near the picturesque village of San Antonio de Areco, in the heart of the pampas outside Buenos Aires, one of the oldest estancias in Argentina has been recently renovated with great care and turned into beautiful and sophisticated boutique hotel. La Bamba de Areco successfully combines luxurious comfort, colonial elegance and Argentine heritage. Exquisite cuisine, refined service, gaucho traditions and equestrian sports add to its unique magic. In the eleven rooms and suites, named after famous polo horses, colonial touches and modern comforts combine to create understated luxury. Guests to the estancia will enjoy the beautiful shaded patios, lush grounds and warmly decorated interiors of the property as well as watching polo practices or matches on the adjacent polo field, relaxing at the outdoor pool or partaking in activities like horseback riding, bicycling and walks. The feeling of being welcomed into a private home, into a property steeped in history and tradition, makes this estancia a truly special and timeless place.


Farmhouse / Estancia

Guest Rating

4.7 / 5 based on 3 Reviews

Guest Reviews

Based on 3 Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.7 / 5

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  • Jan 21, 2017

Total experience was one of best ever. Only draw back was the condition of the road to and from, but that added just another layer of 'adventure'. Maria is an excellent, excellent, manager.

  • By:
  • Nov 21, 2016

This did not start well. They gave us one room that was probably not intended for paying guests: no closet, no storage, no safe, no shower.... for a guest who couldn't get in and out of a tub and.... no Kleenex box. Two beds when we asked for a king in that room. Then, they blamed all on Enchanting Travels whom they said "knew all about this room when the reservation was made". Very unpleasant and snippy. Claimed there were emails to support this. I doubt this was true. Here's what I think was the real story. They allowed at least two guests to stay longer than planned. One extended one night. One came for a night and decided to stay three more! Hmmm, does that sound "we have been totally booked since you made your reservation". We tried talking to the general manager, Guillermo--his response: oh yes, I know the room, but I am surprised there was no Kleenex!!. The reservations person: Lucilla I think, was not nice. Also, I think there was a suite available (from my limited Spanish) and she wouldn't change John and Ronda to that (we couldn't switch with them because I couldn't get in and out of tub either!!). We were told there was no king bed room with a shower (not true). Finally, after much drama the Montgomerys were moved to another room with a king size bed....and a shower. for their last two nights. Left a very bad taste. BUT after that the service was remarkable and the fun and friendship was really amazing. Fabulous food. Maria and Flavia (the onsite managers who were not on duty the first night) were incredible. Fun, helpful. Maria, who sort of lost Ronda and I the first day in little town through a minor communication with taxi driver, was absolutely unhinged at the thought she'd lost or inconvenienced us! In a funny warm way. We didn't have any problem with being a bit inconvenienced. I enjoyed the other guests enormously and loved dining as a group to see who said what. But, I will say that the Mongtomerys might have preferred to know it was family style dining. It was good for them! The place was stunning, the food was remarkable, the staff gracious, the activities or no activities, were wonderful. But. Only two rooms have showers...and I think that's a big drawback. They should be encouraged to convert the others...the owners wife apparently thinks people should bathe....really? I love a bath (when I am fully recovered and can easily get out of a tub!) but, given the choice of one over the other would definitely take shower only. John Montgomery has owned some special hotels. His comment: even a Motel 6 wouldn't try to get away with tub only. I don't know what happened our first night. I wonder if some of it had to do with the owners some ways not a positive. At any rate when he and Pascal left, everything changed. More fun, more relaxed, staff was warmer and more engaged. It was a great overall experience if we forget the first night. ... Read More

  • By:
  • Nov 21, 2016

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