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Set out for a fun-filled family vacation in China, uncovering ancient heritage and world class cuisine on exclusive and unique tours that are perfect for travelers of all ages. Explore China’s big cities, landscapes and countryside on custom excursions, treasure hunts, cycling tours, theme park visits, rock climbing and more, and end your vacation on the beaches of Hainan – China’s beautiful beach destination.


Itinerary Summary

DayPlaceHighlightsHotel Options
1 - 4BeijingThe Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Mao Zedong’s Mausoleum, The Great WallFour Seasons Hotel Beijing
4 - 6Xi'anTerracotta Army, Old City Wall, Muslim Quarter & the Great MosqueGrand Mercure Xian on Renmin Square
6 - 8ChengduEndangered Giant Pandas, Qingyang District, UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Shu Brocade & EmbroideryBuddha Zen Hotel Chengdu
8 - 11YangshuoKarst Landscape, Cycling in Rural Villages, Lush Green Rice PaddiesYangshuo Secret Garden
11 - 13Hong KongVictoria Peak & Disneyland, Religious relics, historic buildings & colonial heritage, Shopping & NightlifeHarbour Plaza 8 Degrees Kowloon
13 - 16SanyaTropical White Sand Beaches, Surfing, Scuba Diving & Water Sports, Beach ResortsBanyan Tree Sanya

Ideal For

  • Adventure
  • Beaches
  • Heritage
  • Landscape

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Itinerary Details

Day 1 - 4

International Arrival

Your guide will accompany you from Peking airport to your hotel in a private vehicle


3 Nights

The energetic megacity of Beijing is a rich tapestry of the old and new, where imperial palaces, museums and buzzing ancient alleyways rub shoulders with cutting edge architecture, new shopping malls and modern buildings.

Included Activities

Forbidden Haunts: Treasure Hunt
Spend a fun family day racing to win a specially designed treasure hunt for children, as they discover little known facts about Beijing’s grand Forbidden City along the way. Ride the city’s public transport for a real taste of Beijing, and arrive at the Forbidden City area, where you will meet your local English speaking guide. Children will be given a smartphone with a WeChat app to play the game, along with a list of symbols that need to be found and photographed on the phone. Paying attention to your guide will be helpful, as all her/his stories and anecdotes will be loaded with clues! Wander among the official palaces, the imperial residences, gardens and inner courtyards. Keep sharing pictures of the ‘hidden treasures’ throughout your palace trip with the tour organizers. The winner gets a surprise gift, as a ‘treasured’ memory of the Forbidden City. (Half Day; Times: 0800/1300 hrs; Private Activity & Transfers; Fitness level: Easy; Please wear comfortable walking shoes. Do note that the Forbidden City is closed on Mondays).

Classic China: Great Wall and Summer Palace
Discover the iconic landmarks of China on this all-day excursion out of Beijing. After an early breakfast at your hotel, drive out to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China in the company of your local, English speaking guide. Enjoy a cable car ride, or stroll up to the top of the wall if you wish, picking up interesting bits of history along the way. Internalize the legends and folklores born of this historic Great Wall, as you take in the majestic sweep of the land stretched out before you. Don’t forget those magical photo ops of the Wall in the early morning light. Enjoy a delicious picnic lunch at the site, if you wish, before driving back to Beijing to visit the spectacular Summer Palace. Originally built as the royal gardens, the Emperor Qianlong had it redesigned. Stroll among the pretty lakes, pagodas and pavilions, visiting all the popular palace sights. After a day of exploring the architectural heritage of the Beijing region, return to your hotel. (Full Day; Time: 0800 hrs; Private Activity & Transfer; Fitness level: Easy; Please wear comfortable walking shoes).

Hotel Options
RoomDeluxe Room
Day 4 - 6

Your guide will meet you at your hotel and accompany you to Beijing train station in a private vehicle

Board your train from Beijing to Xi'an (Duration: 5-6 hrs)

Your guide will meet you at Xi'an train station and accompany you to your hotel in a private vehicle


2 Nights

Xi’an is represented around the world by its timeless army of terracotta warriors, each man distinct from his brother beside, before or behind him. Such meticulous craftsmanship often makes one seriously wonder if they were not an army of actual warriors turned into stone by an ancient curse from the gods!

Included Activities

Terracotta Armies and Cave of Xi’an
Discover the famous terracotta warriors and the spectacular cave dwellings in the ‘land of the loess’ on this day tour of Xi’an. After an early breakfast in your hotel, drive out to the stark countryside marked by loess rock formations with your English speaking guide. Walk along the dwellings formed within this cave system and learn how the local community has been living in this unique landscape for years. Head to the popular underground archeological site of Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors next. Note how each replica is different from its neighbor as though the ancient army has stood frozen in time. Explore the fascinating site, admiring its sheer size. Visit the accompanying museum with its display of priceless ancient artifacts, weapons and chariots, among much more. (Full Day; Time: 0800 hrs; Private Activity & Transfer; Lunch included: Fitness level: Easy; Please wear comfortable walking shoes; Do note that helmets & rain gear are available on the trip).

Hotel Options
RoomClassic King Room
Day 6 - 8

Your guide will meet you at your hotel and accompany you to Xi'an train station in a private vehicle

Board your train from Xi'an to Chengdu (Duration: 4 hrs)

Your guide will meet you at Chengdu train station and accompany you to your hotel in a private vehicle


2 Nights

The capital of the Sichuan province, Chengdu, in the foothills of the Himalayas, is renowned for its giant pandas, flavorful cuisine, and a laid back vibe. The city is a mix of downtown skyscrapers and well preserved ancient neighborhoods.

Included Activities

A Day at the Dujiangyan Panda Base
Spend a day with the national treasures of China! Pay a visit to Dujiangyan Panda Base and enjoy quality time with giant pandas, baby pandas and red pandas. As a volunteer, learn how best to take care of these gentle creatures, from cleaning their enclosures to feeding them panda cake, bamboo shoots and apples. You can also can watch a documentary to find out scientific facts about these cuddly creatures. Watch them climbing trees, eating, sleeping and witness heartwarming moments as they play together in their natural habitat. Accompanied by a professional panda guide, take a tour of the panda base to discover various aspects of the creature, its history in the country, classification of pandas and the nature of panda conservation; you can also enjoy lunch with the staff at the base. You can also do your bit and get involved in taking care of the daily chores at the base, for which you will be rewarded with many photo opportunities and a volunteer certificate. (Full Day; Time; 0830 hrs; Shared Activity; Fitness level: Moderate; Please note that the Dujiangyan Panda Base can accept up to 30 volunteers in one day for Panda Keeper Program and you need to inquire and make the booking in advance.)

Enjoy a Sichuan Opera Show
Spend the evening watching a fascinating Sichuan opera performance unique to the region. Tracing its origins to the 18th century, this operatic style is distinguished by its face-changing moves and flashy stunts. Head backstage to see the actors put on make-up as they get into character. Get a look at the different patterns in various colors that the actors use to portray the characteristics of each persona. Watch mesmerized as dancers, fire-eaters, acrobats, and other artists put up a riveting 90-minute show. Soak in the rich cultural ambiance created by the ornate set designs and the dazzling costumes of the performers. Lose yourself in the tales adapted from the classics, folklore, and legends that are depicted by the artists with the help of visual aids and special effects. (Half Day; Private Activity; Fitness Level: Easy).

Hotel Options
RoomSuperior Room
Day 8 - 11

Your guide will meet you at your hotel and accompany you to Chengdu airport in a private vehicle

Board your flight from Chengdu to Guilin (Flight duration: 1-2 hrs)

Drive from Guilin to Yangshuo (85 km, 1.5 hrs)


3 Nights

Yangshuo may be like any other modern Asian city with neon lights, construction sites and a buzzing nightlife, but it is the surrounding countryside that draws the crowds.

Included Activities

Cycling From Yangshuo to Xingping
Discover the Yangshuo region on this biking trip through China’s picturesque countryside. Set off with your local, English speaking guide early in the morning after breakfast at your hotel. Ride past velvety green tea plantations and mandarin orchards with the lovely Li River flowing by below. Enjoy a delicious picnic lunch by a dewy waterfall, drinking in your Chinese painting-like ambiance. Continue to pedal past quaint little villages and homesteads, after lunch, before enjoying the exhilarating downhill stretch to Xingping. Stroll through the historic little village by the riverbank, admiring its heritage architecture. Stop by the village market to catch some of the local action, and bike down to a quaint little fishing village nearby, if you wish. Take a leisurely boat ride back to Yangshuo along the Li River, watching the pretty countryside float by. You could also take a car back to Yangshuo if you wish. (Full Day; Time: 0800 hrs; Private Activity & Transfer; Picnic lunch included; Fitness level: Moderate; Please be comfortably dressed and note that a bicycle, a helmet and water are provided on the trip).

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo
Spend a fun-filled day in the countryside around Yangshuo enjoying a rock climbing session. After an early breakfast in your hotel, head to the climbing school for your warm-up session with English speaking instructors. Get into your climbing gear and wait to be assigned a climbing wall as per your abilities and level of expertise. Drive out into the beautiful countryside with your instructors, and expect to enjoy a fun day climbing the region’s natural rock faces. You could be assigned the Swiss Cheese Wall for beginners, which is a pleasure to climb, with a lovely shaded bamboo grove at its foot. The Egg is a slightly more challenging climb for advanced veterans, while the White Mountain is the ultimate adventure site for extreme sports seekers. Once at the top, stop to catch your breath and admire the peaceful landscape surrounding you. Return to town at the end of your rock climbing session. (Half Day; Times: 0830/1330 hrs; Private Activity & Transfer; Fitness Level: Moderate; Please note that helmets, climbing shoes, harnesses and other gear will be provided).

Afternoon Cruise on a Bamboo Raft
Experience the timeless beauty of Chinese countryside from a new perspective – the river. Drive to the pretty village of Yangdi where you will board a traditional bamboo raft and set off on a leisurely afternoon cruise down the River Li. Watch lush paddy fields pass by, their emerald green enhancing the sugar white of the limestone mountains. Find out from your friendly boat “pilot” about the quaint names given to these carsts like ‘Elephant Trunk Hill’, ‘Nine Horses Wall’ and ‘Folded Brocade Hill’. Arrive at the picturesque village of Xingping and explore its mesmerizing landscape, dotted with heritage houses going as far back as the Ming and Qing periods. Marvel at the spectacular beauty of Sugarloaf Mountains, or limestone outcroppings in striking shapes because of which they bear fantastic names like ‘Five-Finger Hill’ and ‘Camel Hill’. If you have time, check out the local poultry market bustling with chickens and geese on sale. Finally it is time to drive back to your hotel, with memories of an amazing day spent in the scenic Chinese countryside. (Haf Day; Time: 1300 hrs; Private Activity & Transfers; Please pack light and wear sunscreen).

Hotel Options
RoomCouple Room
Day 11 - 13

Drive from Yangshuo to Guilin (85 km, 1.5 hrs)

Board your train from Guilin to Hong Kong (Duration: 3-4 hrs)

Your guide will accompany you from Hongkong train station to your hotel in a private vehicle

Hong Kong

2 Nights

Hong Kong is a fascinating fusion of the East and the West, combining the mystery of the Orient with the avant-garde vibe of the West. Its dramatic, jagged skyline, best seen from Victoria Peak or the harbor, is accentuated by the daily Symphony of Lights show by night.

Included Activities

Fun at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park
Enjoy a fun filled day at Hong Kong’s popular Ocean Park. Set out bright and fresh in the morning with your local English speaking guide. Especially suited for young families, make the most of the fun rides at the park before heading to the protected area with iconic Asian wildlife like the adorable giant and red pandas, as well as the little known giant salamanders and Chinese alligators. Spread across the park are other exhibits with marine life and polar zone animals and birds like penguins, Pacific walruses, spotted seals and snowy owls. Don’t forget to visit the giant aquarium with its display of the marine world. The park also showcases old Hong Kong with its quaint rickshaws and colonial buildings. Wander through a time warp, watching tramways and people in period costume. For the more adventurous, there are adrenaline-pumping rides too! Return to your hotel after a great day spent outdoors. (Full Day; Time: 0800 hrs; Private Activity & Transfer; Fitness level: Easy; Please wear comfortable walking shoes).

Star Ferry and Peak Tram Ride
Enjoy the sights and sounds of the city in this discovery tour that will take you right up to the highest point on the island. Make use of the efficient public transportation network to head to the famous Tsim Sha Tsui promenade. Savor stunning views of Victoria Harbor and the iconic Kowloon railway clock tower as you walk to the pier. Step on board the Star Ferry and settle into a comfortable boat for a scenic ride across the picturesque bay. Soak in beautiful views of the gleaming skyscrapers of Kowloon making for a striking contrast against the soaring mountains. After the boat docks, step ashore and saunter over to the 120-year-old Tramway Museum with its fascinating displays that give you a glimpse of the city’s colonial heritage. Afterward, hop into the Peak Tram for the ride up to the summit of Victoria Peak situated at a height of 1,811 feet (552 m). Enjoy sweeping views of the city and the bay as the tram travels up the steep gradient. At the Peak, head to the Sky Terrace for panoramic views of the city. On a clear day, you will be able to see the tip of Kowloon as well as neighboring islands! After enjoying the fabulous views to your heart’s content, you have the option of relishing dinner at one of the popular restaurants within the Peak Tower. Take your pick of cuisines including local flavors before returning to the hotel. (Half Day; Time: 1300 hrs; Private Activity & Shared Transfers (Public Transport); Fitness Level: Easy. The sequence of the itinerary may change depending on arrival time.)

Hotel Options
RoomCity Superior Room
Day 13 - 16

Your guide will meet you at your hotel and accompany you to Hong Kong airport in a private vehicle

Board your flight from Hong Kong to Sanya (Flight duration: 1-2 hrs)

Your guide will accompany you from Sanya airport to your hotel in a private vehicle


3 Nights

The city of Sanya, located on the southern end of China’s Hainan Island, is dubbed as the “Hawaii of China” or “China’s Florida”, for its long palm-fringed coastline, upscale resorts, rugged mountain trails, surf scene, and tropical climate.

Hotel Options
RoomPool Villa
StyleBeach Resort

Transfer to the airport

International Departure

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China for Families: Heritage Cities, Landscapes & Beach

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