Nature and Wildlife Conservation

Look before you book! We always recommend our guests considerate lodges that are actively supporting the natural environment, and we encourage you to ask questions about your accommodation so you know what to expect. The key to a good wildlife tour is preparation. Safari experiences can be private, but it is more usual to join other guests in a jeep. The smaller the camp, often the more intimate the safari. Speak with your Travel Consultant about the best season to go and plan your trip in plenty of time, as most safaris and wildlife lodges need to be booked in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

For example, look out for our partner TOFTigers PUG Marks, an accreditation scheme in India for wilderness lodges and resort. This scheme recognizes lodges that support the local economy, community and culture, minimize pollution, work to revitalize the natural habitat and heritage conservation and undertake sustainable ecological practices.

In India and Nepal, you can become informed and read the Good Wildlife Guide.

Upload your photos and share your tiger sighting information with Tiger Nation, which can then recognize the unique markings of specific tigers from its massive database.

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