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As an Enchanting Travels guest, you can use your luggage allowance smartly to benefit local communities. This is ideal if you are going on safari and have a greater airline baggage allowance on your international flight than is permitted on your transfer flight. By tying up with sensitive lodges and hotels around the world and putting them in touch with local children’s groups and non-profits, Pack for a Purpose allows travelers to pack strategically to meet the needs of communities that they are visiting. The luggage is then delivered directly to the participating lodge.

The brainchild behind Pack for a Purpose is American traveling enthusiast Rebecca Rothney, who. noticed that many business travel guests were often traveling light with half-empty suitcases.

“I believe that people want to help if they can find an effective and meaningful way to do so. I was also brought up with the expectation that you always bring a hostess gift to say thank you for someone’s hospitality.”

When you pack for a purpose, Rebecca believes you are adding both meaning and joy to your holiday that extends beyond your travel companions.

“When you Pack for a Purpose, it will enrich your travel experience and the community you choose to visit. A stethoscope weighs less than 1 kilo and can touch 10,000 hearts!”

How you can get involved

Many of our accommodation partners are involved with Pack for a Purpose, and you can log onto the website to see what items have been requested from local charitable projects.

Here is a list of common (and merely indicative) items that are requested by Pack for Purpose partners. Before you start digging these items out, remember to check if your lodge is a partner to Pack for a Purpose first!

  1. Soccer balls (check what kind of pitches are in use!)
  2. Medical supplies
  3. Donations for school books and textbooks
  4. School supplies: crayons etc.
  5. Clothing
  6. Educational CDs
  7. Bath towels and bed linens
  8. Wall charts
  9. Musical instruments
  10. Games
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