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Enabling Personal Dreams

Everyone has dreams. To follow them it takes more than just courage: it takes a supportive environment.

The leadership of Enchanting Travels has been incredibly lucky: to witness their dream of creating one of the world’s most innovative tailor-made travel company unfold before their eyes. We believe that all our staff deserve the opportunity to flourish, and acknowledge that not all personal and professional development takes places in the four walls of an office. Some of our employees’ dream are simple, some are bold, but whatever they are, we want to be the catalyst that helps them achieve them.

Some wish to dedicate their lives to their family as hands-on parents or children.
Some wish to write that bestselling fiction book.
Some wish to further their education.
Some wish to own their own business one day.
Some wish to climb the world’s highest’s peaks.
Some wish to focus on their physical health.
Many wish to travel the world (funny that).

Whatever it is, we hold each individual’s dream in high regard, and as long as we hear about it we do all we can to support them as a responsible and caring company. In addition to frequent catch ups in which managers can support team members with any personal or professional challenges they may be facing, both our leadership and management regularly hold one-to-one personal development conversations with team members to get to know what makes our team members tick!

Flexible Work Framework

As the travel industry is often seasonal, during quieter months there is a lot more flexibility. Subject to the role and responsibilities, we try to provide the opportunity for our team to work from home or remotely, and give them flexible working hours. We focus on output rather than the number of hours spent in the office.

Pursuing Education

Many of our team have been granted time to study part time while working with us.

Early into our journey, we established a Learning and Development policy that exists to provide support to all team members to enhance their professional and personal growth during their tenure with Enchanting Travels.
For team members who have been with the company more than two years, we provide financial assistance to pursue professional courses and degrees from reputable external education providers.

Many of our team have been granted time to study part time while working with us, and gained certification in everything from an MBAs, sustainability degree, or a foreign language.

Varied Opportunities

With constant innovation and taking bold moves, we promise our staff one thing: life never gets dull at Enchanting Travels!

Mentorship is a natural part of the coaching process to help guide our team members when they are not sure which direction to take in their career. We believe that career growth can be both vertically and horizontally and we find that our best employees are those who have experienced working in more than one team. Many of our managers often spend a week or a month in another department! We’ve had some individuals have worked in more than five teams, from guest-facing roles such as Travel Consulting and Trip Coordination to behind the scenes roles such as Partner Relations, Operations, Marketing and Technology projects.

Training and Development

We believe that it is the supportive and cohesive environment that has led many of our team to stay with us even since our company’s inception.

Across all our offices, we invest a lot of time in a wide range of training and development sessions and workshops that benefit our team both personally and professionally, which are held by both external and internal trainers.

In the past, these have included time management, project management skills, creative writing, communications skills (written and oral), work prioritization and motivation, management training, and general personal development, such as traits to be great, emotional intelligence, effectiveness, team skills, tax and investment planning. We believe that it is the supportive and cohesive environment that we have worked hard to nurture that has led many of our team to stay with us even since our company’s inception.

The Enchanting 5 and 10 Years Club

In 2017, we introduced the Enchanting 10 Years Club, which was an opportunity for us recognize and appreciate all our team members who have been with our company for 10 years. All members of the Enchanting 10 Years Club receive one extra week of leave each year and a Travel Voucher.

In our inaugural year, we celebrated the commitment and contribution of 16 team members who had worked with us for over 10 years! Every year we continue to recognize new members of the club. In 2018, we built on this by launching the Enchanting 5 Years Club to appreciate a broader group of our loyal team members. Currently, more than 50 of our 130 team members are members of the 5 or 10 Year Club.

Enabling Personal Dreams