The Drastic Plastic Pledge

Plastic – especially single-use plastic – has caused a drastic amount of damage to our environment, acting as an eyesore in beautiful areas of our world and polluting our oceans.

We use over 5 trillion plastic bags a year worldwide, and 10% of the 9 million tonnes of plastic we use each year ends up in the ocean.

Learn more about how plastic has an impact by watching the film and visiting the website Plastic Oceans.

Watch the trailer:

We have been working with partners to remove single-use plastic from their properties and in our vehicles and, as awareness grows, small successes are being made. Many of our vehicles now boast aluminum bottles that you our guests can fill up with safe drinking water from your hotel and also en-route, with support from your chauffeur. Many hotels now offer only glass carafes in the rooms, and use refillable dispensers for toiletries. Some have taken their commitment a step further in which the staff personally work to clean up their neighborhoods, be it a park or a beach.

We now invite you to join us in our efforts.

In many of the countries we operate, recycling is still not a priority, which means that it becomes very hard for our partners to dispose of your plastic litter.

  1. Please avoid bringing single-use plastic products with you during your journey, such as plastic bags or travel toiletries. Remove the plastic of any new purchases prior to travelling
  2. Avoid purchasing single-use plastic, such as water bottles, during your vacation with us.

These two steps can make a great difference. Will you join us and pledge to reduce plastic during your next Enchanting Travels vacation?

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