Big dreams deserve care and attention. We understand completely the anticipation of venturing to a new destination, particularly if you’ve been thinking about it for years and even decades.

A week rarely goes by without one of our Travel Consultants hearing the words from a new guest:

“This really is a trip of a lifetime for us”.

Here are our top tips to ensure your trip is truly Enchanting!

Think ahead

It’s too common these days to decide last minute to go on holiday.

Give your trip of a lifetime the planning it deserves so you have time to work on itinerary ideas with your Travel Consultant until you’ve got something that works for you.

A common trap for travelers is when hotels or special activities that they’ve set their heart on are fully booked or the wrong season.

Wallet wisdom

Be realistic with what you can afford and how much money you can save by the time you need to pay for your trip and budget for your international flights in advance.

Your Travel Consultant can provide you with a guide of how much eating out and any other expenses you might incur in each destination.

Wish list

The more you explore destinations before your trip, the more the opportunities unfold.

Puzzled? We can help you identify where is best for you.

Right at the start of your trip planning, share your wish list of what you want to see and do so that we can include authentic and special experiences just for you.

Whether you’re a keen fisherman, cricket fan, foodie or interested in visiting local schools or tribal village that are off-the-beaten path then we can help.

Quality not quantity

There’s a temptation to fit in as many destinations as possible, however we recommend you focus on fewer destinations so that you’re not rushing from place to place.

Think of the time you have available.

Countries can be vast and require careful routing to get from A-B, which we can assist you with.

Our experience tells us that it’s better to have a really good week-long experience than a month that does not match your expectations of quality.

A good quality car and driver and on-the-ground presence makes all the difference and arranging these in advance ensures that by the time you get there you can have a hassle-free travel experience.

Comfort zone

What are your accommodation preferences?

It’s not always an easy question to answer when you’re not sure of what’s on offer.

Tell us the types of hotels you’ve enjoyed on previous holidays or business trips.

Do you like luxury or simple?

No-nonsense standard international hotels or more unique, smaller and boutique places to rest your head?

Accommodation can be a home from home so fully consider the options available.

Paper pickings

Work out what paperwork and visas you require and ask us if in doubt.

We highly recommend you purchase travel and health insurance.

If you have any medical conditions, make a list you can travel with.

Make sure you have copies of your passport, tickets and important documents.

Leave a copy of with someone at home.

Smart luggage

Your Travel Consultant will be able to tell you what weather to expect within your season so that you can pack the right clothes accordingly and be more comfortable on your trip.

Think of the activities you’re doing, for example if you’re going on safari bring warm light-colored clothes for cold mornings – not to mention a pair of binoculars!

Advance planning ensures you don’t overload your luggage with unnecessary items.

Tick off destinations on your bucket list and explore the world with Enchanting Travels!


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