An air raid shelter used in the Vietnam War uncovered under the hotel Sofitel Legend Metropole is now open to tourists.

The hotel plans to provide guides to illuminate the history of the air raid shelter. Various people who once sought shelter in the bunker were invited for the opening ceremony. Now you can include it in your tour of Asia.

The discovery of the air raid shelter happened quite by mistake. While digging for the foundation of a bar, construction workers stumbled upon a flooded corridor, many rooms and a primitive staircase leading to the secret bunker.

Located over two meters below the hotel, the secret trench contained old wine bottles, light bulbs, air ducts and graffiti.

It is said that American folk singer Joan Baez was sheltered in this very bunker over the Christmas of 1972.

This is a unique experience when you travel in Asia.

“We don’t know of any other hotels, in Vietnam or anywhere else for that matter, that maintained a shelter for guests and staff.” says General Director Kai Speth.

Sofitel Legend Metropole is the oldest hotel in Hanoi, which opened in 1901. The 364-room hotel welcomed special guests like Charlie Chaplin, writers Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene, actress Janes Fonda and many chiefs of state.

Today, Vietnam’s most popular attractions include the Cu Chi tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City. The massive network of underground tunnels and chambers which gained notoriety during the Vietnam war still attracts travelers from around the world.

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