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Welcome to the Amazon Jungle

Discover our planet’s ‘green lung’! Tucked away in the world’s largest tropical rainforest is a treasure trove of nature! Welcome to the Amazon Jungle.

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Author: Jen

Discover our planet’s ‘green lung’! Tucked away in the world’s largest tropical rainforest is a treasure trove of nature! Welcome to the Amazon Jungle.

Covering an area that extends across nine South American countries, including Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, the largest part of the rainforest lies on the borders of Brazil, with two thirds of the nation belonging to the Amazon.

Brilliant biodiversity:

  • 40,000 plant varies
  • 3,000 fish species
  • 1,300 bird species
  • 420 mammals

The spectacular feature of the Amazon is its wide river, which roughly spans as long as the distance between Berlin and New York, and holds about 20% of the world’s total freshwater resources! There are many endangered species that call the Amazon Jungle home, including jaguars, ocelots, giant otters and pink dolphins.

Magic Medicine from the Amazon Jungle

There are also 320 indigenous communities who reside in the rainforest. Almost a third of the plants growing here are considered medicinal, yet only a fraction of them are documented, and scientists are continuously seeking out the herbal ingredients that are hidden in the forest and could cure modern illnesses.

Despite such global significance the Amazon Basin has, this unique ecosystem is acutely endangered due to deforestation, with 20% of the Brazilian rainforest already cleared. In recent years, more areas have been placed under environmental protection.

Enchanting Travels promotes responsible travel, which contributes to preserve the environment and support the local population.

Be inspired and experience unforgettable Amazon Jungle adventures in harmony with nature through these fabulous ecological projects!

Ecuador: Napo Wildlife Center

Hidden deep in the Ecuadorian Rainforest, the Napo Wildlife Center offers an authentic Amazon experience. The arrival to this enchanting lodge will take you to different world. By boat, you travel to Añagu Lagoon in the midst of Yasuni National Park! Enjoy the stunning beauty of the rainforest – without compromising on any comfort: the spacious and excellently equipped cabañas offer uninterrupted water and electricity – a special feature considering that the lodge is located in such a remote and pristine area.

The Napo Wildlife Centre is run by the Kichwa Añagu Community, which lays great emphasis on sustainability and protection of the complex ecosystem. You can support the locals in their effort to conserve the diversity of the park’s flora and fauna. Explore the surrounding jungle with local indigenous guides, where you can encounter monkeys, tapirs, ocelots and over 600 tropical bird species, including macaws and toucans. You can also witness caimans, giant otters and piranhas during extensive kayaking tours!

Head to the 40 meter tall observation tower to get a marvelous bird’s eye view of the forest.

Brazil: (Manaus) Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is located in the deep heart of the Amazon Jungle. Your jungle adventure allows you to discover the emerald green Amazonas rainforest as you head to one of the countless rivers of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, where you can encounter the rare pink river dolphins. Hike through the dense vegetation of the jungle and go piranha fishing – or eat them at the lodge’s restaurant.

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is luxurious, with a swimming pool overlooking the Rio Negro, and where you can relax in an elegantly furnished bungalow, equipped with air conditioning and a private balcony, after a full day of discovery.

Lean back on your hammock, listen to the sounds of nature and breath in the fresh scent of the vegetation.

Don’t miss! Explore the mystic beauty of the Igapós (flooded woods) by canoe, or visit one of the local indigenous communities to gain first hand knowledge about the region’s culture and traditions.

Peru: Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

Flutter over to Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica, located in the heart of the Peruvian rainforest, adjacent to the Tambopata National Reserve, which is famous for its unique biodiversity. At least 13 endangered species call this region home, from jaguars and ocelots to giant otters and the harpy eagle, an extremely rare bird of prey.

Over 1,200 butterfly species reside here – more than anywhere else in the world.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica combines authentic jungle flair with superb comfort, and was selected by National Geographic Traveler Magazine as one of the world’s 25 best eco lodges! Unwind in a exquisite cabaña, which boasts a private terrace with fantastic jungle views. Knowledgeable naturalists will introduce you to the secrets of ancient medicinal plants, colorful orchids and giant strangler fig trees! Kayak tours and a 400 meter canopy walk are other activities on offer.

Don’t miss! A night hike where you can hear the mysterious melodies of the forest and encounter nocturnal animals.

Amazon Jungle Travel Tips

Experience your memorable jungle adventure on an Amazon cruise, such as the Clipper Cruise from Manaus (Brazil), or the Delfin Cruise from Iquitos (Peru).

Explore Amazonia today for the most enchanting and wild adventure!

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