So you’re going on a safari holiday? Make sure you’re fully prepared for the experience. Regardless of the destination, we’ve got some insider advice!

Whether it’s India, South America, Africa or Asia, packing too much could cause issues with your airline’s baggage restrictions, so plan ahead. Choose the most lightweight items that you can find and remove all extra, unnecessary packaging before you go.

All good luxury safari camps tend to provide all the necessities you might need – from mosquito coils and nets to local wildlife guidebooks. It’s worth checking with your Travel Consultant to ensure there’s nothing that you’ve missed.

Khaki camouflage

You don’t need to go the whole hog (unless you want to) and buy a full safari outfit especially for your trip, but do think about the colours you’re selecting. Light coloured clothing is essential as you will blend into your surroundings much better.

Cosy clothing

Wherever you are on your safari holiday, a morning game drive before sunrise can get really chilly. We recommend you include clothing that can be easily layered up – such as a combination of short and long sleeved tops, as well as a fleece and a travel blanket that easily folds up.

Necessary accessories

Pack sunglasses, a hat (one that fits you and won’t blow off in the wind we should add) and a shawl or scarf.


Even if it isn’t during the rainy season, waterproofs can protect from the dust too. Opt for foldable and light jacket and pair of waterproof trousers.

Shoes, glorious shoes

Bring along a pair of durable yet lightweight walking shoes with you, but remember that comfort is the name of the game. If your shoes are new then wear them in well.

It’s far better to go with an old pair of shoes that you know are comfortable than ones that might make your safari miserable.

A pair of flipflops or sandals is an ideal companion for lazing around in during the day.

Day pack

Select a good day backpack with enough pockets and pouches for storing different essentials – it’s so much easier than rifling through a bag. This is particularly important if you plan to go trekking or on a walking safari.

Extra eyes

A good pair of binoculars can make or break what wildlife you see from afar.

iPad or tablet

Strange but true, the iPad has become a much-desired item on safari. Why? Because there’s a lot of time in the day where you are sitting around relaxing. You can use it to catch up on all those books you’ve uploaded and kept meaning to read! You can do the daily crossword and also use it as a guidebook for local bird and wildlife that you see. On that note, bring any camera and phone chargers with you, as well as spare batteries, memory cards or cables for downloading and making a back up of your images. Check that the camp you are going to has plug points in your tent or at the main lodge.

Shine on

Most camps and lodges will provide this, but to be on the safe side, a torch / flashlight is essential for the evening to go to and from your tent. We recommend kinetic torches (that you shake to power up), or the small yet powerful LED torches.

Lotions & potions

Bring your sun lotion and insect repellent. Wet wipes are also useful when you’re on the move – just remember to bring a small bag with you so that you can keep any used ones in your backpack until you can dispose of them properly. A good lip balm with an SPF will help prevent sun-chapped lips. Remember to bring a first aid kit with all the traveler essentials (speak to your local pharmacist or doctor for advice) and any prescriptions.

Back-up copies

Ensure copies of your passport, travel documentation and vaccination certificates as well as any other important information. Store these safely in a waterproof document folder.

Translation dictionary / phrasebook

Northern Mozambique is a tourist destination in its absolute infancy therefore the English language skills of the locals are very basic and a Portuguese dictionary will be very helpful.

One word of packing advice from Florian Keller, Managing Director of Enchanting Travels: “A proper packlist is helpful when going on safari but most important is to come with an open mind – for experiencing the wonder of sharing our planet with so many amazing animals.”

Enchanting Travels is delighted to assist you with further trip planning and you can receive specific destination expertise for your safari from one of our Travel Consultants.


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