Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is a journey – not a destination.

Tourism matters. For every vacation you take, you are contributing in ways that you might not have considered. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism contributes a massive 10% of the world’s GDP, directly and indirectly, and accounts for one in every 10 jobs globally.

Enchanting Travels is committed to Responsible Travel. We want our trips to benefit the host communities and preserve cultural heritage, while having a minimal impact on the natural environment – for this purpose, we aim to continuously engage with our staff, our partners and you, our guests.

Responsible Travel in Action

Is Responsible Travel an oxymoron? We believe not. Through our involvement we work hard to ensure our trips are as responsible as possible, through a considered approach that includes continued communications and global and local initiatives.

Responsible Travel starts with awareness, and we focus on five key areas.

Responsible Travel Experiences

We strive to facilitate enriching and in many cases life-changing experiences for our guests, by seeking to understand our guests’ travel dreams and address these with our tailor-made itineraries. This is backed up by regularly testing our travel destinations and providing personalized concierge type support to our guests before and during their trip through our team of dedicated Trip Coordinators.

In addition, we aim to promote Responsible Travel Experiences that …

  • facilitate mutually enriching encounters with local people
  • directly benefit local communities / community projects
  • directly benefit local conservation projects and contribute to conservation of endangered animals or habitats
  • create awareness among guests about local communities and culture


Enchanting Travels - Kenya Tours - Masai Mara Hotels - Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp community

Supporting Sustainable Partners

We are committed to establishing respectful, economically fair, trustworthy and mutually beneficial long-term partner relationships, instilling the importance of strong ethical values. We strive to only work with partners who support community and conservation projects, minimize their environmental impact and treat their staff the way we would want to be treated.

  • Partner sustainability evaluation and selection
  • Partner training and development
  • Sharing guest feedback constructively
  • Above standard pay rates for chauffeurs and guides
  • Rewards and recognition system
Zanrec Partnership

Staff Treatment

We intend to treat all our team members and partners with respect and dignity, ensuring a safe and conducive work environment and working conditions.

  • Fair living wages
  • Multicultural and cohesive teams
  • Paid vacations
  • Adequate health insurance and maternity/paternity cover
  • Flexible working options for pursuing education and other personal needs
  • Learning and growth opportunities
  • Individual empowerment
  • Open and constructive feedback
  • Active team engagement
  • Enriching encounters and volunteering experiences

Supporting Communities

Encouraging our guests to interact with the host communities and community-based organisations while maximizing the benefits to local economies and communities.

  • Cultural heritage preservation
  • Internship opportunities
  • Mentoring of team members
  • Considered guest gift sourcing
  • Economic opportunities
  • Enriching encounters
Karin Rinck - Tanzania - DE - 2016 - Guest & local woman

Green Office and Operations

Working internally to improve our environmental footprint, and choosing partners and accommodation providers who make earnest conservation efforts and with lower ecological impact

  • Sustainable office management: waste, energy, recycling and technology
  • Flexible working from home arrangements
  • Remove plastic bottles from all vehicles
  • Staff Awareness
  • Offsetting carbon emissions through Atmosfair


Responsible Travel Champions

All of our global offices boast at Responsible Travel Champions who are involved in providing inputs and feedback into Responsible Travel initiatives at a global level, and coordinate local initiatives, such as building awareness, organizing volunteering days, and buddying mentors.

Meet our Responsible Travel Champions

Our champions spearhead regular Responsible Travel Days in their respective offices, which enable us to raise awareness for and drive our Responsible Travel Initiatives together as a team.



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