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Mauritius Restaurant

Mauritius Restaurant Guide

Here is your guide to finding the best Mauritius restaurant to suit your palate and your budget.

Mauritius restaurants are famed for serving a heady mix of Indian, Creole and European – especially French – cuisines. In addition to the ubiquitous curries, you will find plenty of seafood and fish-based dishes in a typical Mauritian kitchen.

Mauritius Restaurant Tips from our Experts

Authentic and economical: Seabell

Coastal road, Poste Lafayette

This Mauritius restaurant offers a wide selection of local specialties alongside gorgeous views of the lagoon from every corner. The ambiance at Seabell is informal and relaxed – the owner cooks all the meals herself and her family members serve the diners. You’ll not only love the delicious food but also enjoy listening to the family’s stories about life in Mauritius.

Mid-range dining: Escale Creole

Bois Cheri Road, Moka

Escale Creole may not be easy to find but once discovered, it is well worth the effort! This Mauritius restaurant offers authentic Creole cuisine amid a very relaxed ambiance. Enjoy a tall glass of fresh pineapple juice under the shade of leafy trees in the garden and don’t forget to try the octopus curry!

High-end: La Table du Chateau

Domaine de Labourdonnauis, Mapou

The La Table du Chauteau offers an excellent fine dining experience with delicious cuisine and superior service. Set in the heart of a landscaped garden alongside a lovingly restored mansion, discover a menu inspired by the fresh produce from the orchard! Chef Fabio de Poli conjures up extravagant dishes featuring fish, meat and seafood. Vegetarian options are also available.

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