Formerly Patchanta Khirikhet, the name Koh Kong means ‘Kong Island Province’. The province’s capital town, Koh Kong lies in southwest Cambodia on the coast bordering Thailand. This quiet town offers natural wonders, pristine jungles, abundant wildlife, cool waterfalls, Asia’s largest mangroves and a base for visiting the rest of Cambodia. Meandering lazily via the world-renowned Cardamom Mountains (South East Asia’s largest surviving rainforest) in Koh Kong province, the Tatai River is picturesque, warm and with clear waters. The river extends from Koh Kongs stunning mountains north-eastwards to the western seaboard’s scenic mangrove flats, branching occasionally into tiny tributaries and shallow water bodies. Local villages follow age-old traditions and a life of fishing, speaking mainly Khmer and some Thai.


  • Adventure
  • Landscape


  • Botum Sakor National Park
  • Pristine Jungles
  • Cardamom Mountains

Places to Stay

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4 Rivers Floating Lodge

Style: Resort

Set along the Tatai River and ideally situated close to the Thai border between Bangkok and Phnom Penh, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge provides a serene retreat away from madding crowds.

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Activities in Koh Kong / Tatai River

Christmas Tree Fantasy

Imagine thousands of fireflies as they showcase their grandiose lights in cadence! Enjoy kayaking on a star-lit night, guided by illuminated fireflies lighting up the trees amidst a tranquil eco considerate ambience. Visit nearby waterfalls and be enveloped by warm, romantic feelings while admiring swarms of magnificent fire flies – simply magical!

Catch your Dinner

Your luxurious tented lodge features a private deck outside with two lounge beds and your very own ladder decending into the river waters. Enjoy the thrill of trying to catch your own dinner by fishing from the privacy of your tented terrace deck! Catch a snapper perhaps, or any sea delight to bring back to the restaurant where the staff will cook it up. What better feast than your very own catch-of-the-day!


Kayaking is the main sport here, on the Tatai River. Kayaks are offered complimentary at the lodge, and best used for exploring the length and breadth of the river. An experienced local guide will lead you to paddle amidst nature, observing the mangrove waterways extending back into the jungle. Work your way against the current and get close to the river banks. The most popular route is via Koh Sralao, through the nearby lush mangroves. Enjoy peaceful sunset views on the calm river, with just the sounds of birds whizzing above and fish bobbing up to gulp air! Be ready with your camera for that picture-perfect moment and to capture the beauty of one of the world


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