The sacred rock of Kyaiktiyo is situated in the midst of densely wooded mountains. This gold covered pagoda sits amazingly on the edge of a huge cliff, seeming to tip over any moment. According to legend, it is a strand of Buddha’s hair precisely placed in the 7 meter tall pagoda that helps it hold its balance.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Golden Rock
  • Kyaiktiyo Pagoda
  • Mountains
  • Burmese Pagoda at Bago

Der sakrale Felsbrocken Kyaiktiyo
Golden Rock Hotel (Kyaiktiyo)

Style: Guest house

The Golden Rock Hotel has an idyllic setting amidst lush tropical vegetation and aged-old rock, in the middle of the Kyaikhtiyo mountain, about 1.

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Mountain Top (Kyaiktiyo)

Style: Guest house

This small yet comfortable hotel is ideally located just a couple of minutes' walk from the sacred golden rock of Kyaiktiyo.

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City Highlights of Kyaiktiyo

Trek uphill to admire the amazing Golden Rock of Kyaiktiyo. On your way to Yangon, visit the ancient Royal City of Bago (Pegu), with its highest Burmese pagoda, the old palace and a giant Buddha statue.

Bago City Day Excursion from Kyaiktiyo

Burmese Bago, formerly Pegu, is a port city in southern Myanmar situated on the Pegu River. It is located 80kms/50miles NE of Yangon, and was the 13th century Mon kingdom capital. Bago is famous for its religious atmosphere, surrounded by the ruins of its old wall and moat, once forming a square on all sides. A significant rice and timber collecting center and also having several mills and sawmills, there are many sights within and around Bago. Choose from the Shwethalyaung Reclining Buddha Image, Shwemawdaw Pagoda/’Great Golden God Pagoda’, Kanbawzathadi Palace, Kyaikpun Pagoda with four gigantic Buddha images seated back-to-back against a brick pillar, Kalyarni Sima/Ordination Halls for the Buddhist Order, Myatharlyaung Buddha Image, Hinthargone Pagoda on a hillock with magnificent views of Bago, Moeyungyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary (near Bago).


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