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Palanpur Trips

The princely state of Palanpur has a long history going back to the subcontinent’s medieval era. Currently part of the Indian state of Gujarat, Palanpur boasts many a historical structure that continues to stand till this date. From 8th century stepwells to pre-Vedic temple architecture, there is much to see in this picturesque little town shrouded in myths and legends. The last prince of Palanpur, who ruled until princely states were abolished after the Indian independence, left a legacy of historic buildings. The Kirti Stambh, or tower, near the Palanpur railway station was built to honor the long history of the town along with its ruling dynasty. The Balaram Palace, the Jorawar Palace, and the beautiful garden of Jahanara Baug (now called Shashivan), were also built by the prince. Today the town is also known for its colorful local communities of the Garasia and the nomadic Rabari.


  • Ancient Temple Architecture
  • Kirti Stambh
  • Garasia & Rabari Communities


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