Gwalior: City of enduring greatness! Described as the ‘key to Indostan’ by the British, its strategic location made it the cynosure for all who wanted to get a hold on India, and that was the origin of its massive fort. Today, this ordinary town with the fort, is the most interesting place to soak in the glorious past.


  • Heritage


  • Gwalior Fort
  • Temples
  • Scindia Museum
  • Light and Sound Show
  • Tomb of Tansen

Places to Stay

Beeindruckendes Gwalior Fort
Usha Kiran Palace

Style: Heritage

The Usha Kiran Palace is a gracious 120 year old Heritage palace hotel, originally built to host the King and Queen of England.

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Activities in Gwalior

Tigri Dam

Enjoy a picnic and boat ride on the Tigri Dam.

City Highlights of Gwalior

Explore the Gwalior Fort, Surya Mandir, Dhoomeshwar Mahadeo Temple, Sonagiri Jain Temples, Scindia Museum, Memorials of freedom fighters Tatya Tope and Rani of Jhansi; experience a light and sound show at the Fort. Visit the Tomb of Tansen, a famed musician.

FD-Day Trip to Datia and Pawaya

Take en route day trip to Datia, Central India’s little-known hidden treasure. Formerly a Bundelkhand region, it is ruled by Rajputs and Bundela’s. Also called ‘mini Vrindavan’ / ‘Laghu Vrandaban’, it is famous for its paintings and temples like Avadh Bihari, Shivgir, Vijay-Raghav, Govind, Bihariji. Next, visit the nicely landscaped ancient town of Pawaya, known for its life-sized statue of Chaksha Manibhadra, dating back to the 1st century AD. Known for its archaeology, see fort ruins, coins belonging to the descendants of dynasties ruling in the Vidisha-Gwalior region.


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