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Jaisalmer Tours

Jaisalmer, the Golden City of Rajasthan, evokes haunting memories of a bygone era with its lofty architecture and old world charm. Founded as early as the 12th century, the city is built around the magnificent Sonar Kila or Golden Fortress that appears to rise out of a desert haze, its yellow sandstone walls and bastions taking on the afternoon suns golden hue. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the towering fort was immortalized in a popular and eponymous children’s film by award-winning filmmaker Satyajit Ray. Jaisalmer may be remote, but the laid-back city is still one of most popular in Rajasthan owing to its many attractions, not least among which is the camel safari in the Thar desert.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Havelis
  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Camel Ride
  • Medieval Temples
  • Sandstone Houses

Activities in Jaisalmer

SURYAGARH-Private dinner

(Only if staying at Suryagarh) Dine under the blanket of starlit skies, at one of the many secluded locations inside the Suryagarh Fort.

SURYAGARH-HighTea sunset pt

(Only if staying at Suryagarh) Enjoy gourmet delicacies along with a blend of the finest tea or coffee, nestled atop sand dunes or a rocky plateau, enjoying a breathtaking sunset.

SURYAGARH-Dune Bashing

(Only if staying at Suryagarh) Treat yourself to a thrilling roller coaster ride on the sand dunes in an air-conditioned sports utility vehicle.

SURYAGARH-Cookery session

Fine dining experiences cannot get better than when you learn to make the food on your own, with an expert chef guiding and teaching you.

SURYAGARH-Brunch Kundhara

(Only if staying at Suryagarh) The village of Kuldhara was once a bustling and prosperous settlement, who’s residents just abandoned their homes and vanished one fine day. Treat yourself to a sumptuous brunch in this near perfectly preserved village.

City Highlights of Jaisalmer

Visit a lovely oasis..Barra Bagh; see Lodurva Township famous for ‘Toran’ architecture, the Patwo ki Haveli and Nathmal ki Haveli, Godi Sagar Lake and Museum; explore Jaisalmer Fort and Jain Temple; enjoy nice views and rides over sand dunes with unusual Camel rides; visit the Bara Bagh Royal cenotaphs; visit Kuldhara, a 13th cent deserted ‘ghost’ village 18kms away on the Sam sand dune road – once a prosperous Paliwal Brahmin settlement…see medieval temples, step-wells and sandstone houses.

Akal Fossil Park

Visit the unique Akal Wood Fossil Park, deduced to be approximately 180million years old from the Jurassic Era, and definitely an amazing insight into the land that is a desert today….once hot and humid and overflowing with greenery. . The area is covered with mammoth-sized fossiled tree trunks – one of which is 7m by 1.5m, and ancient sea shells that in their own way throw light on the age-old geology of the state.

Camel Safari with lunch

Take a camel safari through the 16th century desert village of Bada Bagh or Big Garden, garden of royal cenotaphs or chhatris of the royal family of Jaisalmer. Stop for lunch at Ramkunda, a Shrine dedicated to God Rama & Krishna, constructed in the 17th Century. Continue on till the small peaceful town of Amar Sagar, where there is a natural water reservoir built in 1688 AD; see the terraces, palaces, temples and an exquisitely carved Jain temple.

Places to Stay

Killa Bhawan

Style: Heritage

Situated within the famous Jaisalmer Fort, Killa Bhawan comprises of 2 converted townhouses built right into the fort walls.

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Style: Heritage

This charming property draws you into the Rajputana era's grandeur, in the waterless Thar Desert turned rich princely state.

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The Rawalkot, Jaisalmer

Style: Heritage

Rawalkot is situated atop a hill and overlooks the magnificent land of golden sand dunes, Jaisalmer.

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The Serai Jaisalmer

Style: Camp

The Serai Jaisalmer is a small Boutique Luxury Camp and Spa set within a 100-acre estate in the Great Thar Desert, an hour and a half from Jaisalmer.

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