Khajuraho is famous all over the world for its erotic carvings spread over three groups of temples. Yet, the erotic carvings form only a small part of the majestic architecture and sculpture at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of four holy sites dedicated to the Hindu Gods Shiva and Vishnu, Khajuraho’s the striking collection of Hindu and Jain temples were built before the 12th century by the Chandela dynasty as a testimony to the valor of the warrior kings and their glorious feats. Legend has it that the temples are an atonement for the sins of the Moon God who fell in love with a mortal woman. The intricate sensual carvings give credibility to the theory; Khajuraho’s erotica were meant to test devotees!


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Enchanting Travels -North India Tours - Khajuraho - Hotel Chandela - exterior
Hotel Chandela

Style: International

In a land renowned for it's splendid architectural paradigms, the Taj Chandela has been able to carve a landmark status for itself.

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Enchanting Travels India Tours Khajuraho Hotels Radisson Khajuraho
Radisson Hotel Khajuraho

Style: International

Radisson Hotel Khajuraho is located only half-an-hour from the airport. Designed along modern sensibilities, the hotel as well as its spacious rooms are smartly and tastefully decorated.

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Enchanting Travels - North India Tours - Khajuraho - The Lalit Temple View - swimming Pool
The Lalit Temple View

Style: International

The Lalit Temple View is just 200 meters from the renowned temples of Khajuraho.

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Ranehfall Waterfall

Explore the grandeur of Raneh Falls, 20km from Khajuraho’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for sculptured stone temples. Admire the 5km long, 100ft deep canyon carved from multi-hued crystalline granite, with its bottomless pool – once a volcano’s crater; enjoy the colorful kaleidoscope the setting sun creates – pink sandstone boulders glowing like burnished metal in the fading setting sunlight. Enjoy a 50min evening sound and light show depicting the life and times of great Chandela Kings.

City Highlights of Khajuraho

Visit the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its sculptured stone temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Jain patriarchs; enjoy the educational sound and light show – a 50min fascinating evening show depicting the life and times of the great Chandela Kings. Visit the impressive Raneh Falls on the Ken river as it plunges down gorges, where pink sandstone boulders, worne by centuries of water flow, gleam like burnished metal in the waning glow of the setting sun.

3h-Panna Jeep Safari

Visit Panna Wildlife sanctuary in the Vindhyan Range near Khajuraho, in an open jeep. Enjoy viewing the environs which is characterised by extensive plateaus and gorges. Catch unique glimpses of Panna National Reserve declared a Project Tiger Reserve in 1994. See ancient rock paintings dotted over the area, believed to be about 2000yrs old, and the old relics of the Gondwana period scattered all over the Reserve.


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