Maheshwar in North India

Maheshwar..a temple town on the River Narmada’s banks, takes one back in time. This town, where time seems to have stood still, finds mention in the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics. Maheshwar was once a glorious city at the dawn of Indian/Hindu civilization…now, synonymous with the distinctive exquisitely delicate blend of cotton and silk handwoven lquote Maheshwarirquote sarees. The famous mighty fort-complex overlooks the Ghats and igneous temples, and is mirrored in the winding Narmada below it.


  • Heritage


  • Maheshwar Temple
  • Forts
  • Ghats

Places to Stay

Ahilya Fort

Style: Heritage

A stay at Ahilya Fort is an experience which takes you back to the 18th century.

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Activities in Maheshwar

Included activities at Ahilya Fort

(Only if staying at Ahilya Fort) Located in the temple town of Maheshwar, where time seems to have stood still, Ahilya Fort is a riverside heritage hotel..clinging to the fort complex ramparts..overlooking the Ghats and igneous temples, and mirrored in the winding Narmada river below it. Take a sightseeing trip around the town..visit the Rehwa Society handloom center to see how they weave Maheshwari saris; visit the Ahilya School, several Shiva Temples and local Markets; delight in some trail biking; visit Navdatodi Village and a farm. Sip tea while enjoying a day time boat ride on the Narmada River; alternatively, delight in an evening of sunset boating while relaxing over tea or champagne.


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