Orchha: The kingdom of ‘nowhere’! Situated on the banks of the river Betwa, this former capital of the Bundelas now a small village, is set among a wonderful complex of well-preserved palaces and temples. Its picture-book setting with spires and domes breaking the skyline give it an air of peaceful beauty.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Temples
  • Jahangir Mahal
  • Village Life
  • Bundelkhand Empire

Places to Stay

Prachtvolle Tempelstadt Orcha
Amar Mahal

Style: Heritage

Reminiscent of the lavishness of the Bundelkhand royalty, is the lovely Amar Mahal.

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Activities in Orchha

City Highlights of Orchha

Explore Orchha, formerly the capital of the Bundelkhand Empire…now a sleepy little hamlet. Founded by the Bundela Rajput chieftain, Rudra Pratap in the 16th century, it was once visited by the famous Chinese pilgrim, Hiuen Tsang way back in the 7th century AD. The Bundelas, a warrior tribe, trace their ancestry to a medieval Rajput prince who sacrificed his life for the mountain goddess, Vrindavasini. Visit the Raj Mandir and Laxminarayan Temple encompassing a treasure trove of vibrant murals of religious and secular themes on walls and ceilings; see the Jahangir Mahal, a tiered palace crowned by graceful chhatris.


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