Pushkar has been a city of sacred pilgrimage for devout Hindus since time immemorial, and is steeped in mythology. There are over 500 temples and ghats, which combine to create a legacy of Indian architectural heritage. Pushkar has an exclusive divine appeal – it is the only place in the world that holds a temple devoted to the Hindu deity, Lord Brahma. Each November, this otherwise sleepy, dry and dust-swirling town is thrown into the limelight when it hosts the renowned Pushkar Cattle Fair. Expect a riot of colors and sound in true Rajasthani style within this frenzied and fun agricultural activity.


  • Heritage
  • Relaxation


  • Brahma Temple
  • Camel Cart Ride
  • Holy Lake
  • Cattle Fair
  • Village Life

Places to Stay

Royal Camp

Style: Camp

The Royal Camp at Pushkar is a traditional hunting camp with hints of Mughal traditional styles weaving their way in.

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Activities in Pushkar

Yoga Session at Pushkar

Yoga Session at Pushkar

City Highlights of Pushkar

An en route day trip take you to Pushkar…1 of 5 sacred dhams (pilgrimage sites) for devout Hindus, where the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics make special mention of this charming, sleepy town interspersed with history and mythology…the date of its actual founding is not known! Pushkar boasts temples, few of which are ancient as expected of this pilgrimage site. The most famous is the Brahma Temple, considered the only temple in the world dedicated to Lord Brahma. Enjoy an authentic camel cart ride; enjoy the world famous Pushkar Cattle Fair – the world’s largest camel fair (if trip dates co-incide); see how Hindu pilgrims converge during the fair for a holy dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake..to ‘wash away the sins of a lifetime’.

Hot air balloon ride in Pushkar (Sep-Apr)

Learn the art of and science behind Hot Air Ballooning from an expert pilot. Experience the sheer magic of weightlessly floating over castles and palaces or gliding past mountains, lakes and villages in Rajasthan. On landing, the giant balloon attracts hoards of villagers giving you a kaleidoscopic feel of rural Indian culture and colors. Witness the hot air balloon being deflated and packed into a bag by a team of enthusiastic and highly trained crew members.

Fusion Folk Dance

Enjoy fusion folk dance at Pushkar.

Dinner on Sand Dunes

Transport with Camel Cart followed by a 5-course Indian Dinner on sand dunes.


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