Rohet is a wonderful little village tucked within the desert region, where the wind whispers through neem tree groves and bougainvilleas. The village is home to one of the finest heritage hotels, the 350 year old medieval fort of Rohetgarh. Oozing with the warmth of Rajasthani hospitality and charm, it is no wonder celebrated authors such as William Dalrymple and Bruce Chatwin, have made it their writing retreat over the decades. You can witness brilliantly plumed peacocks who strut about or perch themselves under finely carved stone archways.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape
  • Wildlife


  • Rajput Hospitality
  • Fort
  • Village Life
  • Sand Dunes
  • Jeep Safari

Places to Stay


Style: Heritage

Perched dramatically on a sand mound on the deserts edge, Mihirgarh or Sun's Fortress is a palatial boutique hotel having an impressive stable of indigenous Marwari steeds; south of Jodhpur's desert wilderness, offering unparalleled insights into Rajasthan's colorful rural heritage, legendary hospitality and diverse flavors.

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Rohet Garh

Style: Heritage

This 375 year old Heritage hotel in Rohet Village, is still the family home of members tracing their lineage to ancient times.

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Tiere in Rohet
The Wilderness Camp

Style: Camp

The Wilderness Camp Rohetgarh is an idyllic retreat, situated atop a small dune surrounded by nature and lost in complete wilderness.

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Activities in Rohet

Camel Cart Ride in Rohet

Enjoy a camel cart ride near Rohetgarh.

Bishnoi Village Safari from Rohet

Venture on a captivating Safari in Rohet to visit a ‘Bishnoi’ village, home to an eco-friendly sect of Hindus and ‘guardians of the desert.’ They are true nature worshippers committed to protecting trees and wildlife. Experience the time honoured ritual of the Opium Tea Ceremony, a sign of respect and welcome. Get insights into this conservation-minded vegetarian tribal community; observe local crafts like spinning and carpet making.

Bird Watching at Rohet

The numerous lakes and Jheels around Rohet are a haven for birds.

1-2 hr Horse Ride at Rohet

Enjoy horse safari near Rohetgarh.


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