Pollachi is cozily ensconced between the lofty Anamalai Hills and verdant plains of Coimbatore. A quaint natural paradise, the town aptly derives its name from a Tamil term meaning ‘land of prosperity’. Here, a lush green mountainscape rushes to meet cerulean blue skies, while rolling tea plantations and swaying coconut palms add to the tranquil atmosphere. Over the years, Pollachi has retained its rich cultural heritage and yet, it exudes a simple village charm of its own. Discover ancient temples surrounded by lush tree-lined gardens, bustling markets that offer everything from fresh produce to cattle, and stop to chat with friendly locals who will gladly point you towards Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, which is known for its thriving population of tigers.


  • Anamalai Hills
  • Tea Plantations
  • Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ancient Temples

Places to Stay

Great Mount Resort Coco Lagoon

Style: Resort

Coco Lagoon by Great Mount is set on the verdant hillside at Pollachi Village, on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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Activities in Pollachi

Visit to The Temple of Consciousness (Evening)

Experience an ancient healing practice! Inspired by the well known practitioner of yoga, Vethathiri Maharishi, who has established around 300 centers around the world, the Temple of Consciousness offers yoga lessons to rejuvenate your mind and body. Set out from your hotel in your private vehicle after lunch to reach your destination, which is about an hour away. Nestled amid the stunning Anamalai Hills of Tamil Nadu, the temple sits by the picturesque Aliyar Dam. Here you will learn about Simplified Kundalini Yoga that includes exercises and meditation to improve your health and promote inner peace and happiness. Explore the premises to witness the meditation hall, museum, and the tomb of the teacher. There is also a bookstore and a library for those who wish to discover more about this yogic practice.
(Half Day, Private Activity & Transfer, Travel Time to Activity: 1 hr, Duration: 2-3 hrs, Time of the Day: Evening, Fitness level: Easy)

Full Day Visit to Tea Plantation & Rainforest

Experience a verdant natural paradise in Pollachi! Begin your tour with a scenic walk through a lush green tea plantation on the verdant side of the Annamalai Hills. As you pass through the velvety green carpet of tea bushes, a trained naturalist will give you insights into the intricacies of tea cultivation. Learn more about local conservation projects and their importance at the interpretation center. Birding enthusiasts can enjoy watching diverse species of local birds. Continue on wards to a rain-forest restoration area where the once-denuded rain-forests of Annamalai are in the process of being restored. This is your chance to interact with scientists and wildlife experts from the area and learn about native species and their habitat. Enjoy tea and snacks at the Waterfall Estates before returning to your hotel.
(Full Day, Private Activity & Transfer, Travel time to Activity: 1 hr, Duration: 6 hrs, Time of the Day: Morning, Fitness level: Easy)

Rustic Charms of Southern India

Experience ancient traditions and warm hospitality in the heart of South India. Set out from your hotel in your private vehicle towards an organic farm located just an hour away. On your way, you will pass by lush green coconut fields and sleepy villages. At the farm, learn more about organic farming from a trained naturalist, and meet local farmers. Head onward to a nearby retreat where an authentic Tamil lunch awaits you. In the afternoon, your guide will take you to a handloom weaving village where you can witness and learn about this traditional art form from skilled artisans. This is a great opportunity to shop for the beautiful handwoven cotton fabrics that the region is renowned for. End your tour over tea and snacks at a friendly weaver’s house where you can discover more about the local way of life.
(Full Day, Private Activity & Transfer, Time of Day: Morning, Travel time to Activity: 1 hr, Duration: 6 hrs, Fitness level: Easy, Packed Brunch & Tea are included. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and carry warm clothes.)


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